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Food & Drink 2024–2025

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Discover all the insights from the 2024–2025 Food & Drink sector report, which introduces our Functional Feasting macrotrend.  

As we move past the ‘free from’ era, consumers are favouring products that do more with less, bringing flavour and fun back into functional nutrition. 

In our latest research, we explored how consumers find solace in little treats as putting food on the table has become more challenging. The definition of comfort food is broadening, taking the shape of anything from protein-spiked chocolate to gourmet tinned fish.

The report breaks down food and drink analysis across key markets, with case studies and consumer insights combined to help you understand and grasp business success in the years ahead.

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What’s inside the report?

Dive into the report’s key trends, shaped by food and drink innovators and disruptors:   

: Posh Pantries
Humble cupboard staples are getting premium makeovers and are being updated with sophisticated flavours and attractive branding to elevate home cooking.   

:  Palatable Protein
Packing in enough protein is a key nutritional concern. In this buzzy and saturated market, we chart the future of on-the-go protein fixes. 

: Better Than Water
Fun and functional ingredients such as electrolytes, powders or syrups elevate the nutritional value of water while making it tastier. 

: Fetish Foods
Sex sells, and so does sexy food. As a backlash against diet culture, people are leaning into the pure pleasure of eating. 

: Comfort Cuvées
A new wave of vintners are betting on deluxified wine to complement not-so-fancy food. They are making wine accessible by offering clear pairing suggestions, affordable prices and convenient portion sizes. 

: The New Novelty-Nostalgia Equation 
As tensions between healthy foods and feel-good options evolve, traditional products are somewhat overlooked. In response, brands are rekindling interest.

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‘What’s on tomorrow’s menus? When tech hacking offers consumers the possibility to have their cake and eat it, they will seek solutions that skip the compromise’ 

Marta Indeka, senior foresight analyst, The Future Laboratory

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Functional Feasting : Food & Drink Futures 2024–2025

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