Work States Futures Report

The five states of the future workplace

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Discover five of the key emerging mindsets when it comes to the future of work, from inspiration and intent to learning and leadership.

With CEOs conflicted about luring teams back to the office with social events, wellness hubs and hybrid fit-outs, early adopter businesses and organisations are now focusing on work state solutions rather than work place ones.

This timely report has just the kinds of insights, lessons and action-based to-do lists needed to future-proof our organisations at a time when why we work, as well as where we work, need to be massively re-assessed.

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What’s inside the report?

Unpack how and why tomorrow’s workplaces will require us to think differently, be more innovative, more collaborative and more creative as our work patterns change. The report includes:

: Executive Summary

Your topline takeaways on how the new workplace is allowing us to thrive differently and more holistically as work becomes an anywhere-and-everywhere pursuit.

: The Neuroaesthetic Workplace

Key insights into tomorrow’s workplace, unpacking how the science behind art can help us create spaces, moods and mental states that turbocharge awe, wonder and creativity at a time when we need it most.

: Work States Futures

The drivers, case studies and foresight research forming the Work States Futures macrotrend.

: Strategic Implications

Practical insights and thought-starters on how future approaches that nurture work states can help build more resilient businesses.

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Work States Futures Report

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Work States Futures Presentation

This presentation is designed for you and your team to engage with the Work States Futures macrotrend and the key insights set to transform the landscape of the future workplace.

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