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Luxury Recrafted

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Explore our Luxury Futures 2023 report, featuring the latest sector macrotrend, Luxury Recrafted, which examines how the consumers – or rather the collectors – of tomorrow will expect luxury to signal status.

The report analyses the key trends facing the luxury scene in our digital times, across markets, case studies and consumer insights, combined to help you understand and grasp business success in the years ahead.

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What’s inside the report?

Dive into the report’s key trends, shaped by innovators and disruptors:

: Gated Retail
Just when we thought that luxury was becoming more democratic, the sector is doubling down on its exclusivity via bespoke in-store experiences

: Knowledge Clubs
Belonging to a community of cognoscenti is once again becoming a status symbol in its own right – but with a metamodern twist

: Clearer Carats
While consumers are familiar with clean beauty, food and medicine, we are witnessing a new frontier: clean jewellery

: Branded Living
The success of car-branded condos shows that there might be room to consider designer lives – not just lifestyles – in the future

: Heirloom Allure
What is old is in again: Generation Z are turning back the clock and spotlighting once sidelined markets

: Air-scapism
A new category of travel experiences is taking off to cater for a growing appetite for adventure with airborne cruises

: Luxury Recrafted (macrotrend report)
The consumers – or rather the collectors – of tomorrow will expect luxury to signal status not through excess, but by acting as a guardian of craftsmanship and provenance, an ESG champion and a cultural compass

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Luxury Futures 2023 report

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