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The 50 most boundary-pushing campaigns of the year

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Explore our Innovation Debrief report, which features 50 definitive brand campaigns, case studies and global innovators across 10 key trends that are disrupting consumer thinking around the world.

This year’s Innovation Debrief explores some of the positive aftershocks left behind from the pandemic: from the AI explosion to a corporate reckoning about how businesses should actually be run, change is afoot. The opportunities are there for the taking – but only for those resilient businesses and brands willing to place people and planet before profit.

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What’s inside the report?

Dive into the report’s key trends, shaped by innovators and disruptors:

: Waste Re-invented

Waste is no longer a by-product, but a valuable resource. 

: Cultivated Cuisines

Cultivating food has immense potential as mainstream meat replacement. 

: Longevity Products

A renewed sense of purpose and drive is emerging, and people are re-evaluating their lifestyle opportunities – from pastimes to product purchases

: Waste Advanced Audiences

As they dominate the property market, govern countries and lead businesses, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers will demand that brands move away from ageist narratives and make them feel visible.

: Tech-enabled Exclusivity

Consumers with neurological, mental, hearing and visual impairments may go through life differently, but they aren’t different. They are human.

: Next-level Memberships

The membership model is incredibly versatile, and businesses are only beginning to untap its potential.

: Urban Re-planning

It is important when discussing sustainability to not merely acknowledge the climate crisis. Planners should also be integrating human sustainability into urban environments.

: AI Positivity

Let’s not view AI as a competitor but as a collaborator. AI is a tool, a new screwdriver, a new hammer, a new spanner, a new piece of kit added to humanity’s ever-expanding tech toolbox.

: Online Safety

The human quest for a safe space will undoubtedly begin a new digital chapter in the next decade as big tech may no longer be too big to fail.

: Space Tourism

Whether folly or a hardcore dedication to pushing the boundaries of human invention, the commercial space industry will bring about a new era of inspiration and invention.


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Innovation Debrief 2023 report


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