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Explore our Beauty, Health & Wellness report, featuring the latest sector macrotrend Longevity Lifestyles, which examines how the concept of living, if not for ever then for a much longer time, is becoming a possibility.

In a post-Covid era, our new report examines how the worlds of beauty, health and wellness continue to be democratised as solutions move into the hands and the homes of the consumer, with sophisticated products and services leading the way.

The report breaks down beauty and wellness analysis across key markets, case studies and consumer insights, combined to help you understand and grasp business success in the years ahead.

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What’s inside the report?

Dive into the report’s key trends, shaped by innovators and disruptors:

: Chameleon Cosmetics

As our digital identities shape-shift, innovators are inventing cutting-edge formulas that react to temperature, light and body chemistry

: Tech-powered Perimenopause

The femtech industry is developing AI-driven solutions that will empower individuals as they approach the perimenopause

: Multi-domesticity

Over the next decade, our homes will evolve into domestic spaces and adapt to new health-focused requirements

: Purified Beauty

A new wave of brands are addressing the clean water crisis with the launch of alternative hygiene systems

: Synaesthesia Scents

Olfactory-meets-auditory experiences are providing people with a physical and psychological grounding as an antidote to hyper-connectivity

: Next-gen R&D Labs

A new generation of R&D labs are emerging to meet consumers’ expectations on product quality while supporting underserved communities


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Beauty, Health & Wellness 2023 report



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