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The 50 most boundary-pushing campaigns of the year

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As communities begin to rebuild, 2021 fast became the foundation for a new era of innovation.

In last year’s Innovation Debrief, we explored ways in which brands and citizens reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic through resilient and adaptive strategies. Now, as communities begin to rebuild, longer-term hybrid approaches to living, working, creating and learning are coming to the fore.


Bringing together some of the most impactful case studies from our trends intelligence platform, LS:N Global, this year’s Innovation Debrief looks at the most original examples of how brands are responding to changing consumer needs. In this report, you will uncover the 50 most boundary-pushing campaigns of the year to date, learn about creating equitable urban futures, and delve into the myriad ways that businesses are infiltrating the metaverse.

We have also included need-to-know statistics, insights from our in-house foresight experts, original thought-starters from our Futures 1000 network, and strategic implications t
hat will tangibly address how and why you can adopt these lessons. 

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What's inside the report?

This report presents innovative brand campaigns, inspiring and essential statistics across the following 10 themes:

: Symbiosis Brands

Brands and retailers are moving away from one-way transactions with their audiences, and inviting the public to take part in the creation of their products or to shape future output.


: Resource Redux

Across sectors, brands are adopting transformative solutions as a way to reduce their reliance on natural resources and their overall carbon output.


: Edible Awareness


As consumers become increasingly conscious of the planetary impact of their lifestyles, innovative solutions are emerging to support self-sufficient and more eco-conscious food futures.


: Equitable Urbanism


Future public spaces will centre around wellbeing, taking into account public safety concerns during the inter-Covid period and rebuilding to prioritise nature and community.


: Inclusive Care


Businesses are recognising that catering
for audiences’ wider needs can no longer be
an afterthought. Instead, intersectional design approaches are becoming a core part of brand strategies.


: Post-taboo Wellness


Health and wellness brands are daring to shout about once-taboo subjects as a way of alleviating concerns among their audiences.


: Expressive Identities


Brands are tapping into the unique identity traits of consumers to create products that are a more personal expression of themselves.


: Meta Living

Brands and consumers are finding their place in the metaverse, replicating real-world experiences and elevating them through escapist environments.


: Hybrid Employees

As remote operations became the norm for many global office workers, the past year has left companies in a state of flux.


: Upskilled Alphas


Beyond traditional classroom learning and parental advice, Generation Alpha are accessing alternative platforms to learn about the world they live in.


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Innovation Debrief Report

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