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The 50 definitive campaigns and brand case studies of 2020

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The Future Laboratory forecast that the coming decade would unleash a wave of transformation unlike any other before it

In just seven months, the Covid-19 pandemic has not only accelerated many of our predictions, it has also presented industries and consumers with new challenges and opportunities for daily living. With trepidation and anticipation permeating every part of society, the need for brand innovation is greater than ever.  


Bringing together some of the most impactful case studies from our trends intelligence platform, LS:N Global, this year’s Innovation Debrief showcases 50 leading brand responses to the decade so far. Collated under 10 key themes, the Innovation Debrief reveals bold new directions emerging across multiple sectors, demonstrating how brands and businesses can support and inspire consumers, and paving the way for resilience in an increasingly uncertain future.


Top image credit: Inert, but alive by Marçal Vaquer and Pola Solá, Spain




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What's inside the report?

This report presents innovative brand campaigns, inspiring and essential statistics across the following 10 themes:

: Sartorial Sustainability

Fashion brands are empowering consumers to make more conscious decisions. A transparent approach is key, with new campaigns and initiatives helping to achieve a less damaging industry.


: Survival Solutions

Accessible and on-the-go solutions are emerging to enable consumers to feel safe and secure in a world where safety and hygiene are the main concerns.


: Intimacy Laid Bare


The landscape of intimacy is changing as a result of our post-touch society. Digital dialogues and playful campaigns are helping to re-ignite closeness and pleasure.


: Upturned Tipples


Health-conscious consumers are seeking alcohol alternatives and elevated tastes. Brands are responding by combining medicinal, mood-boosting ingredients with playful product repositioning.


: Anywhere Attainment


The need for touchless retail has accelerated the growth of digital tools and virtual spaces that shoppers can engage with from their home or on the go.


: Routine Wellness


The beauty, health and wellness sectors are wising up to the importance of daily routines and offering intelligent products to empower consumers to take control of their overall wellbeing.


: Inter-Covid Eateries


The impact of Covid-19 has resulted in entirely new restaurant formats, future scenarios centred on digital connections, and physical spaces that prioritise social distancing and hygiene concerns.


: Emotive Play

Generation Alpha are being encouraged to embrace tactile, analogue play and social cognition to offset the reality of growing up in an increasingly digital world.


: Stimulation Spaces

From unused public spaces to inspiring escapes and educational areas, brands and architects are designing environments to evoke intrigue and feeling.


: Augmented Vehicles

Smart design elements are emerging in the transport sector that reflect the wellness, sustainability and security needs of modern consumers.


Image credits: : ReBurberry Edit, UK
: Player branding by Pentagram, UK
: Virtual Hair Party by Bleach, London

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Image credit: LS:N Global by Victoria Ling for The Future Laboratory

Image credit: LS:N Global by Victoria Ling for The Future Laboratory

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