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In 2020, brands and businesses worldwide are facing unprecedented challenges during the Covid-19 outbreak. But with the chaos comes new opportunities to explore more resilient and agile systems.

That’s why we’ve combined our Retail Futures 2020 research into an exclusive collection, containing our new trend report and on-demand presentations.

With remote consumption on the rise, brands are recognising that every exchange with their customers can help them to improve their business. In our new Retail Futures report, we debut a new macrotrend, Feedback Frontiers, which explores how interactions between brands and consumers are becoming increasingly intimate and circular. The report also features key trends, hard data, best-in-class case studies and consumer insight.

As part of the collection, you’ll also get access to our on-demand video presentations featuring Trends Rising, the Feedback Frontiers macrotrend, Digital Architects tribe, Strategic Iimplications and guest speaker interviews.

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What's inside the report?

Market analysis, rising trends, case studies and consumer insights are combined to help you mitigate risks and seize opportunities for retail success in the years ahead. The report includes:

: Hindsight

An examination of the context challenging the retail sector to reconsider outdated ideas about marketing, branding and customer service. The rise of remote consumption and the ever-changing nature of digital communication are driving new behaviours and mindsets.

: Insight

Brands are rethinking the customer experience to fit new online formats, recognising the long-term value of connecting with their customers by putting service before sales. Here, you’ll find the key trends that are transforming digital touchpoints.    

: Foresight

We map out a future when multimedia experiences, emotive technology and new definitions of loyalty will continue to transform the way brands and consumers connect.

: Lab Notes

The report includes practical strategies to harness the intelligence in your organisation, from making e-commerce more interactive to empowering frontline employees.


On-demand Presentation

Our retail experts deliver our latest research in a new on-demand video presentation.

Trends to be explored during the presentations include new ways to personalise grocery e-commerce, alternative retail systems that are professionalising the waste sector, and the rise of third-party platforms that curate and validate digital-first brands and their products. We also debut our new retail macrotrend, Feedback Frontiers and a new consumer tribe, the Digital Architects.

Get access to over two hours of in-depth research which you can watch on-demand. We've also recorded two guest expert interviews featuring Jenny Gyllander, founder of Thingtesting, Colette Laxton, co-founder of The Inkey List and The Future Laboratory's foresight experts.

Get access to our presentations today to find out how retail businesses can thrive during and beyond Covid-19.




Chris Sanderson
co-founder, The Future Laboratory

Christopher Sanderson is co-founder of The Future Laboratory, where he is responsible for delivering the company’s extensive global roster of conferences, media events and LS:N Global Trend Briefings, which he co-presents with the team in London, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Stockholm and Helsinki. Clients who have booked one of his inspirational keynotes include Gucci Group, the European Travel Commission, Retail Week, Selfridges, M&S, Chanel, Harrods, Aldo and H&M.

Rachele Simms
head of strategy, The Future Laboratory

Rachele plays a pivotal role in nurturing the Strategy team and developing the quality of our strategic thinking. With nearly 15 years of experience, she combines her creative background and strong commercial acumen to define and realise future strategies for brands such as Shiseido, lululemon, Jameson and The Chalhoub Group.

Alex Hawkins
senior foresight writer, The Future Laboratory

Alex joined LS:N Global in 2018 and works across the website, specialising in researching and writing trends and consumer insight. In addition to leading our food and drink and retail content, he has a particular interest in design, media and health and wellness. Before joining The Future Laboratory, he worked at Soho House and It’s Nice That.

Jenny Gyllander
founder, Thingtesting

Jenny Gyllander, was working at a London-based venture capital firm when she started to see the emergence of new companies with a sole di!erentiating factor of “brand.” Mattresses, suitcases, toothbrushes; commonplace items, now packaged with a point of view. Were these new things actually “better”? To find out, Jenny started @Thingtesting, an Instagram account that reviewed new brands sold on the internet. Soon she began to realize people were tuning in for the founding stories and honest, unpaid reviews of the brands they saw in their Instagram feeds. With a strong conviction that consumers have the right to trustworthy reviews, Jenny left her day job in 2019 to build Thingtesting into a brand directory and review community.

Colette Laxton
co-founder of The INKEY List

A true brand and product visionary, Colette's career has seen her work across multiple brands and roles within the beauty industry. Driven by a desire and passion for every element of the customer brand experience, Colette has worked across marketing, branding and product development for emerging and niche brands. Utilising this extensive customer knowledge combined with creativity and imagination, Colette co-founded The INKEY List, creating a skincare brand to share knowledge and answer customer needs for simple, yet efficacious skincare with accessible pricing.

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Image credit: LS:N Global by Victoria Ling for The Future Laboratory

Image credit: LS:N Global by Victoria Ling for The Future Laboratory

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