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In 2020, the food and drink sector has continued to evolve at a rapid rate. Covid-19 has transformed our diets, from the way food is produced to the way it is accessed, consumed and shared. In addition to highlighting the vulnerabilities of the global food system, the pandemic has, in many ways, humanised how we view food and drink.

In this report, we examine the growing demand for digital eating and drinking experiences amid the rise of Augmented Restaurants, Virtual Happy Hours and Media Kitchens. Meanwhile, health and sustainability remain key business imperatives, as exemplified by Eco To Go and On-demand Farms.

Building on these shifts, we also introduce our latest food and drink macrotrend, Total Tastes, which explores how the image of health is changing as the food-as-medicine movement evolves to fit modern lifestyles. As our appetites become more holistic, we are reaching new levels of understanding about how diet affects our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

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What's inside the report?

Market analysis, rising trends, case studies and consumer insights are combined to help you understand and grasp business success in the years ahead. The report includes:

: Hindsight

The pandemic, upstream eating and social media have shaped new models of what it means to be well, re-affirming eating and drinking as fundamental forms of self-care.

: Insight

As we reconsider attitudes to balance, the intersection between mind and body is driving new approaches to our diets.

: Foresight

In order to cater for this total mindset, we will need to consider how different aspects of the food value chain can tap into nutrition and positive living in appealing, accessible ways.

: Strategic Implications

A series of practical strategies to harness the intelligence in your organisation.

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Image credit: LS:N Global by Victoria Ling for The Future Laboratory

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