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Communities, The Future Laboratory’s original ethnographic research series, offers an exclusive glimpse into the homes and mindsets of emerging consumer groups around the world.

With our non-essential shopping habits curtailed, the Covid-19 pandemic is changing the meaning of luxury and causing high-end brands to reconsider their role in consumers’ lives. To highlight the opportunities that lie beyond lockdown, our new Luxury Communities report tracks the transformation of the luxury landscape over the past five years.

Throughout, you will find up-to-date microtrends, brand activations and toolkits to show why these high-spending tribes will matter the most in the coming years, as well as the actions your brand can take to appeal to these influential consumers.

Download all four reports from our Communities Collection and get up to speed with your future Luxury consumers.

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What's inside the report?

We spotlight 12 affluent consumers who are pioneering an innovative approach to luxury. From Bermuda to Switzerland, they have been chosen for their surprising insight into the future of retail, sustainability and travel. The Communities: Luxury collection, includes four reports:

: The Untethered Luxurians

Challenging what it means to be wealthy, this community have chosen a lifestyle that prioritises freedom and self-fulfilment over a settled existence. For the Untethered Luxurians, wealth is not material – it’s the power to step off the corporate ladder, disconnect from digital technology and embark on a life driven by curiosity over comfort.

: The Life-long Learners

This community of high-net-worth high achievers are more interested in spending their money on self-enriching experiences than on gratuitous displays of wealth, and see little separation between work, learning and leisure. In today’s world, the truly successful are those who know how to adapt to changing conditions and consciously seek new challenges. This means that a commitment to life-long learning has become mandatory for the next generation of high-net-worth consumers.

: The Anti-Luxurians

If there is one thing that defines our Anti-luxurian community members it is that they do not hold the old codes of luxury close to their heart, and switch off when brands identify as heritage or create campaigns about the craft-based, artisanal nature of a product. Purist athletics gear, technology- driven fashion and brand subversion are the cornerstones that represent the multifaceted Anti-luxurians.

: The Ascetic Luxurians

High-minded individuals seeking meaning and fulfilment, Ascetic Luxurians are a privileged set who shun the brand fetishisation and buy-it-all thinking of modern consumerism. Emotionally and spiritually fatigued by hyper-commercialism, Ascetic Luxurians are world-weary yet still optimistic that society can adopt sustainable systems that give back to the planet.

You can purchase each of the reports separately or together as The Luxury Collection. If you buy all four reports at once, you'll receive one for free.

Image credits: Travis Hollingsworth photographed by Nick Otto for The Future Laboratory
: Amy Chan photographed by Genevieve Kim for The Future Laboratory
: Travis Hollingsworth photographed by Nick Otto for The Future Laboratory

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