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Recuperative Living

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The quest for health, immunity and holistic wellbeing is now hard-wired into consumers’ daily lives

Accelerated by Covid-19, the beauty and wellness sectors have had to respond quickly to consumers’ need for recuperation and immunity. Now they must go further to help people feel secure – every day – in an altered industry landscape.

Building on the sectors’ shift towards brand transparency and product education, our new Beauty & Wellness Futures report is packed with practical insights and inspiring case studies to engage, revitalise and protect consumers in the inter-Covid era.

This report is your guide to the new beauty and wellness opportunities to be found inside the home, in the digital realm and in modified bricks-and-mortar spaces. Alongside key trends, statistics and global case studies, you’ll discover our latest Beauty & Wellness macrotrend, Recuperative Living. Download it now and harness the trends and strategic implications that will ensure your team and brand are leading healthy change.

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What's inside the report?

Beauty and wellness market analysis, rising trends, case studies and consumer insights are combined to help you understand and grasp business success in the years ahead. The report includes:

: Hindsight

An examination of recent shifts in the beauty and wellness markets that are shaping new directions today, from consumers’ quest for immunity to mood-boosting moments and the desire for authentic advice delivered at the convenience of your customers.

: Insight

In the inter-Covid era, the concept of rehabilitation is manifesting as new services and experiences. Discover how everything from ingredients to digital tools and augmented approaches to customer service will help consumers navigate a touch-anxious world.

: Foresight

As beauty and wellness converge further, digital tools will drive a future of hyper-personal phygital experiences and multi-sensory moments that add up to long-term, holistic wellbeing.

: Lab Notes

A series of practical strategies to harness the intelligence in your organisation, from finding your place in customers’ daily lives to new ways to deliver services at a distance.

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Beauty & Wellness Futures Report


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Image credit: LS:N Global by Victoria Ling for The Future Laboratory

Image credit: LS:N Global by Victoria Ling for The Future Laboratory

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