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Our Food & Drink Futures 2021 presentations are designed for you and your team to engage with the latest trends set to impact the food and drink sectors over the next 3-5 years.

Perhaps you want to equip your team with the latest trends and practical insights, or maybe you are looking for an inspiring keynote to share with your team, department or entire company. These presentations can be hosted either online or in-house.

Choose from the Food & Drink Trends Rising presentation or the Redemptive Diets macrotrend presentation, sold separately or together as a collection featuring our full annual sector research.

Each presentation includes a free downloadable PDF of the Food & Drink Futures 2021 report, usually worth £250.

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Macrotrend presentation

Redemptive Diets

At a time of global upheaval, brands and consumers are uniting to build future-fit, resilient food systems that support changing social values, protect precious resources and secure supply chains.

This comes as a response to the commodification of food over the last century, with the cultural, social, environmental and political value of eating and drinking largely stripped away in pursuit of unbalanced business priorities such as profit and growth.

Explore our new macrotrend as we call for new approaches and attitudes to food systems, examining the reasons why we eat – and how we should eat – companies and consumers will merge pro-people and planet practices with bold solutions. In this presentation, we cover:

: Drivers

Over the last century, food has become a commodity. The cultural, social, environmental and political value of eating and drinking has been largely stripped away in pursuit of the unbalanced business priorities of profit and growth

: Insight

As food’s role in meeting human needs is challenged by global events, operators across the food supply chain are re-addressing the balance to offer more socially, culturally and environmentally enriching solutions

: Foresight

By the 2030s, a protectionist approach to food will be evident, from diet choices that are pro-planet and pro-people to innovations in extreme propagation and shrines to foods long extinct

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Trend Rising presentation

In this presentation we examine the six key trends emerging in 2021, from on-demand culinary expertise to TikTok-inspired menus and eatertainment venues.

These are nascent trends forecast to grow in influence across the food and drink sector in the next one to three years. These trends are global in their reach, and focus on consumer, customer experiences or business operations. Trends include:

: Chefs On Demand

In a bid to amplify food’s ability to bring people together, membership platforms and subscription formats are connecting restaurants and chefs with food enthusiasts.

: TikTok Tastes

TikTok’s influence on food and drink trends is crossing over into the real world, inspiring new brands and products, as well as menu and marketing concepts.

: Eatertainment Spaces

In a bid to entice customers back to bricks-and-mortar experiences, brands are fusing entertainment with interior design to create highly shareable and social dining moments.

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You can enquire about each of our Food & Drink Futures 2021 presentations separately, or get access to the full presentation collection, which includes Trends Rising and the Redemptive Diets macrotrend.

Each online or in-house presentation includes a free downloadable PDF of the Food & Drink Futures 2021 report, usually worth £250.

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