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Our Beauty, Health & Wellness Futures 2021 video presentations are designed for you and your team to engage with the latest trends set to impact the beauty and wellness industries over the next 3-5 years.

Perhaps you want to equip your team with the latest trends and practical insights, or maybe you are looking for an inspiring keynote to share with your team, department or entire company.

These presentations can be watched online and on demand at your own convenience.

Choose from the Beauty, Health & Wellness Trends Rising presentation or the Synchronised Care macrotrend presentation, sold separately or together as a collection featuring our full annual sector research.

Each presentation includes a free downloadable PDF of the Beauty, Health & Wellness Futures 2021 report, usually worth £250.

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Macrotrend presentation

Synchronised Care

Self-care as we know it is changing. Between calls to reject the wellness industrial complex and close the gap between widening health inequalities, a shift is under way.

Covid-19 has taught us that we are all connected and that taking care of ourselves is a way to care for our family, friends and community. For this reason, self-care is taking on a new role on both an individual and a collective scale. In this presentation, we cover:

: Drivers

The foundations of beauty, health and wellness have been compromised by the pandemic, forcing consumers to rethink how these are defined and measured.

: Insight

Self-care is being redefined as the sum of its parts, with holistic frameworks for living highlighting new intersections between emotional, mental and physical health.

: Foresight

Future standards for beauty, health and wellness will redefine self-care as a social and environmental practice as much as a personal one.




Trend Rising presentation

As we continue to see the rise of proactive consumers who are looking to reconnect with a Transformation Economy that is firmly rooted in meaningful wellbeing experiences, and geared towards healthier and happier outcomes, beauty brands are embracing everything from radical transparency to emerging hybrids of exercise and entertainment.

In this report we examine the growing demand for new points of access for health and wellness amid the rise of eight trends disrupting the sectors:

: Diversifying Nature

Consumers have become increasingly familiar with the physical and psycho- logical benefits of nature.

: Stress-busting Skincare

The emotional impact of the pandemic, extended periods of working from home and the burden of an uncertain future have resulted in anxiety, declining skin health and premature ageing.

: New Sportswomen Media

With mainstream sports platforms largely unrepresentative, demand is growing for online networks and reportage focused on women athletes.




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You can buy each of our Beauty, Health & Wellness Futures 2021 video presentations separately, or get access to the full collection, which contains Trends Rising and the Synchronised Care macrotrend.

Each presentation includes a free downloadable PDF of the Beauty, Health & Wellness Futures 2021 report, usually worth £250.

Beauty, Health & Wellness Futures collection (£1,450):  


Trends Rising presentation 
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Trends Rising presentation
Synchronised Care Macrotrend presentation

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