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Free Webinar - 28 March

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Join us as we investigate the emergence of a new state-focused future of work, explore the spaces – both physical and virtual – being built in response, and what this means for your business.

The past two years have spurred seismic transformation in the workplace as a newly empowered generation of workers question how, where and why they work.

In this free webinar, we will uncover how workplaces can induce different mental states in the quest for enhanced creativity, productivity and performance. The webinar, including a live Q&A with our experts, will unveil Work States Futures, our exclusive macrotrend for 2023.

Throughout this inspirational session, we’ll be exploring what these future work mindsets will mean for key sectors.
It’s time to better understand the paradigm shift that the pandemic era has had on the future of work and what this means for consumers, brands and businesses.
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Header and Overview : Cartier Tokyo Headquarters. Photography by Tomooki Kengaku, Japan. Photography by Anastasia Shuraeva, Russia.

Photography by Anastasia Shuraeva, Russia

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‘From Accomplishment Arcades and Haptic Hangouts to Beta Boardrooms and the new Chief Vision Officers, this report uncovers how workplaces can induce different mental states in the quest for enhanced creativity, productivity and performance.’

Martin Raymond, co-founder and editor-in-chief, The Future Laboratory

The session will take place on 28 March from 2:00pm to 2:40pm BST. 

Register to attend the live-stream, including a live Q&A with our experts, to find out how your business can prepare for new work states.

We will also be launching an accompanying Work States Futures report, which will be available to LS:N Global members on the day.

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Martin Raymond (he/him)
Co-founder and editor-in-chief

Martin Raymond is co-founder of The Future Laboratory and editor-in-chief of LS:N Global. Martin is a well-known trend guru, having written several best-selling books on trend forecasting, including The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook andThe Tomorrow People. In 1984, he founded VideoGraphic and became an associate editor at Screen International. After editing and relaunching fashion business bible Fashion Weekly he spent four years at the London College of Fashion as a senior lecturer in fashion journalism.

Fiona Harkin-1-1
Fiona Harkin
Foresight editor

Fiona joined The Future Laboratory in 2022, having spent 20 years working in leading forecasting and insight agencies as a content director and a journalist, delivering strategic foresight and creative content to forward-thinking businesses. Fiona brings considerable cross-sector expertise to her role leading the LS:N Global site, ranging from the digital commerce and tech sectors to the fashion and media industries.  

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