Beauty, Health &
Wellness Futures 2023

Online Event - 27 June



Age takes a holiday, as health, beauty and wellbeing brands embrace longevity as a core pillar in selling and synthesising tomorrow’s category innovations.

It’s no longer just about looking and feeling younger but about living longer – and living better. Our Beauty, Health & Wellness Futures online event will provide the steps brands need to prepare themselves for a new, longevity-focused era.

Join us for a packed programme of practical insights, exclusive debates and discussions, and an executive summary of our latest macrotrend as we explore these shifting consumer priorities and the new opportunities for beauty and wellness businesses. Guest speakers will include industry leaders and innovators who will present valuable insights in a rapid-fire Q&A session.

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Header image: N.Bio concept by Phillip Peters, UK. Overview image: Photography by Darlene Alderson

Photography by Darlene Alderson

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Tune in live on 27 June, as our analysts offer an exclusive look at a new in-depth beauty, health and wellness macrotrend, launching on LS:N Global.

This event grants you access to:

  • The hour-long Zoom session, featuring an overview of our new beauty, health and wellness trends
  • A guest speaker panel and live Q&A session
  • An executive summary PDF of the research featured
  • The on-demand recording to watch at your own convenience

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Right image: N.Bio concept by Phillip Peters

N.Bio concept by Phillip Peters, UK-2


‘The conversations about science, data and expertise continue alongside global debates on health autonomy. These factors play into a new narrative centred around life development and progression. Beauty, health and wellness brands must know what role care plays in human maintenance, durability and endurance.’

Olivia Houghton, deputy creative foresight editor, The Future Laboratory

This online event will take place from 2:00pm to 3:00pm BST. Join us for aglobal overview of the beauty, health and wellness landscape, an executive summary of our new macrotrend, and exposure to the minds and experts behind the trends. 

There will also be a live Q&A session hosted by our experts andopportunities to network with other attendees.

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