Why the snow mushroom is the next beauty sensation

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Described as the magic mushroom for moisture, the snow fungus is entering the Western market as an ingredient promising a range of skin-boosting benefits

Humanrace: Humidifying Body Cream

The brainchild of singer Pharrell Williams and skincare innovator Rachel Muscat, Humanrace is an all-gender, vegan beauty brand with a mission to ‘empower all people in their pursuit of wellbeing’. Working with dermatologist Dr Elena Jones, the goal was to create products that were as natural as possible and that could be used in everybody’s daily routine.

Its latest product, the Humidifying Body Cream, adheres to exactly that. Tapping into the growing bodycare trend, the cream infuses a blend of bakuchiol (a natural alternative to retinol) and plant peptides to protect the skin barriers, and snow mushroom extract to lock in the skin’s moisture.

As co-founder Muscat tells LS:N Global: ‘Our snow mushroom extract formula contains adaptogens which help to balance and adapt to the users’ unique skin type.’

Motsi: HA+ Firming Boost Serum

Black-owned lifestyle brand Motsi creates skincare, beauty and apparel products that aim to allow everyone to feel good in their own skin. This inclusive approach goes beyond its brand tagline, with a new collection of 18 dermatologist-formulated products for all skin types.

One of the 18 products is the HA+ Intense Moisture Firming serum, a hero product with a unique blend of ingredients such as a, ‘hydrating AcquaCell, snow mushroom extract and hyaluronic acid to instantly quench skin for intense 24-hour moisture’. According to the brand's website, this combination ‘provides 360-degree antioxidant protection from visible signs of ageing caused by environmental and digital pollution, UV radiation and screen-emitted High Energy Visible Light (HEV)’.

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8 June 2022

Author: Olivia Houghton and Jessica Smith

Image: Pleasing, UK


Left: Motsi, US. Right: Good Light, US.

Good Light: Moon Glow Milky Toning Lotion

Next-generation personal care brand Very Good Light, which recently expanded from editorial content to launch Good Light, a skincare brand designed for all gender identities and skin types, included snow mushroom extract as a key ingredient in its latest product launch: the Moon Glow Milky Toning Lotion. Touted as similar to hyaluronic acid for its hydration properties, founder David Yi highlights that ‘whilst hyaluronic acids are potent, snow mushroom will get into every crack, crevice and pore to help hydrate efficiently’.

According to the website, snow mushroom holds ‘1,000x its weight in water in particles smaller than hyaluronic acid to penetrate and hydrate’. This combination of snow mushroom and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) gently removes dirt, oil and make-up from skin while also maintaining moisture and radiance.

Eadem: Cloud Cushion & Fufu Spoon Air Brightening Moisturiser

Creating skincare products for people of colour, Eadem’s guiding concept is Smart Melanin Beauty, a term the founders conceived with the help of women of colour chemists and dermatologists. The products are tested on skin of different shades to ensure they’re safe for everyone.

‘As your skin changes throughout the day, the snow mushroom adapts in real time to what the skin needs’
Rachel Muscat, co-founder, Humanrace

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