Why hotels are the next frontier for brands

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From streetwear hotels to decadent souvenirs, brands across sectors are embedding themselves in hospitality’s long-awaited comeback

Hyped hospitality: Frame and Carlyle Hotel, Ritz Paris

Capitalising on the iconic identity of New York hotel The Carlyle, fashion retailer Frame teamed up with the hospitality brand to create a collection of wardrobe basics in 2021. Taking inspiration from the hotel’s home city of New York in the 1970s, the capsule features t-shirts, hoodies and baseball caps, with many emblazoned with The Carlyle’s crest and logo.

Later in the year, the brand continued to explore the intersection of retail and hospitality, launching an even bigger collection with the Ritz Paris, which was sold through Net-A-Porter and Harrods. Speaking about the collection, Erik Torstensson, co-founder and creative director of Frame, says: ‘We wanted to create a collection which brings our customer the elevated experience of the Ritz Paris, but an off-duty version.’

Decadent amenities: Soeder and Hôtel Amour

Elsewhere, beauty brand Soeder is raising the bar on conventional hotel amenities through its collaboration with French boutique hospitality chain Hôtel Amour. Together, the two brands created the Soeder and Hôtel Amour soap, a result of a shared vision for adventurous experiences and high-quality products. Drawing on the tenets of Decadence Hotels, the soap is inspired by iconic Negroni cocktails, glamour and the sensation of enjoying late-night hedonism. Balancing both play and purpose, the soap is made entirely from natural ingredients, such as saponified, cold-pressed oils from organic farming, wheat protein and honey.

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23 May 2022

Author: Abi Buller

Image: Frame and the Ritz Paris, France


Soeder and Hotel Amour, France

Therapeutic venues: Talkspace and Kimpton

For many guests, a hotel stay can offer a sense of rejuvenation, both mentally and physically. Taking the concept of therapeutic travel more literally is online behavioural health company Talkspace, which has partnered with Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants to bring accessible mental health support to both hospitality employees and visiting guests. Recognising that traditional therapy can be difficult to access for many audiences, the Kimpton and Talkspace partnership offers up to 1,000 complimentary video therapy sessions with licensed counsellors, available exclusively to travellers staying at Kimpton properties. It has also extended its year-long complimentary subscriptions to employees, recognising the challenges those in the hospitality sector have faced during the pandemic.

Levelled-up leisure: Nintendo

With the gaming sector only set to accelerate in the coming years, video game giant Nintendo’s original headquarters has been transformed into the luxurious hospitality destination Marufukuro. The Kyoto site, designed by renovation company Plan Do See and supervised by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, targets both gaming fans and unassuming luxurians. While not specifically tapping into Nintendo’s present-day identity, the Marufukuro building pays homage to Nintendo’s humble beginnings as a creator of Western-style playing cards. Originally built in 1933, and vacant since 1959, the boutique hotel transports travellers into bygone eras while offering premium experiences including a restaurant and bar.

‘We wanted to create a collection that brings our customer the elevated experience of the Ritz Paris, but an off-duty version’
Erik Torstensson, co-founder and creative director, Frame

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