What is Consumer Forecasting?

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Strategic consumer forecasting involves predicting how consumers will change and evolve in the years to come.  

At The Future Laboratory, we combine a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and lifestyles with long-term macro shifts to help our clients understand their future consumers, anticipate their needs, and build authentic and long-lasting relationships with them.  

Our strategy programmes include thorough investigation into Communities and demographics such as Gen Z and Gen Alpha. Our Consumer Foresight tools include digital ethnography, focus groups, in-depth interviews, surveys and social listening. Through a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methodologies we paint a comprehensive picture of the values, attitudes, mindsets, behaviours and priorities of new generations of consumers. 

We also work closely with an extensive network of Innovators and Early Adopters – the people at the beginning of the Diffusion of Innovation Curve – in forecasting how future consumers will look, sound and act. By observing what these cutting-edge communities are doing – and buying – we help our clients identify and capitalise on emerging opportunities, maintain cultural relevance and keep ahead of the curve. 

From microtrends (2–3-year horizon), far-future forecasts that predict consumer behaviours and mindsets (10+ years), to future consumer personas and Community profiles, The Future Laboratory’s consumer forecasts can be used to advise, inspire, confirm and inform product/service innovation and strategic planning. 

You can discover our Methodology below to find out more or sign up to our Trends & Foresight Masterclass series where we delve further into mastering our methodology.

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13 December 2022

Author: Rachele Simms

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Discover our Methodology

The Future Laboratory’s unique proprietary methodology allows us to track, monitor and determine the key drivers of change affecting future consumers, culture and business.

Our methodology enables clients to interpret and frame all their decisions about future risk within a brand, consumer or organisational context that is provable, practical and minimises uncertainty.

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