The retailers embracing hyperphysical store design

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Retailers are tapping into elevated store design concepts to create memorable and meaningful customer experiences

WOW Concept blends tech and nature

Previously a digital-only marketplace, WOW Concept's first physical store, in Madrid, immerses customers across six floors that blend the physical and digital realms. The six-storey space is full of interactive features designed to link up shoppers’ online and in-store shopping experience, including an app that allows customers to add to their baskets while in or away from the store.

Each area introduces a different, larger-than-life take on metaverse-inspired design: the Tech Garage merges a 3D-printed marine landscape with augmented reality features, while futuristic sculptures and bold pink and blue hues add an other-worldly, ethereal feel to the browsing experience. To keep the store fresh and intriguing – and giving visitors a reason to return – elements of the store design will continually rotate, with new features introduced at regular intervals.

Marni’s in-store artist residencies

Opened during Milan Design Week in June 2022, Marni’s new flagship store in the city features a fully functioning artists’ studio. Bringing creativity into the store in a tangible way, it also gives customers a chance to meaningfully interact with the brand through experiences that cannot be replicated online.

The studio is housed on the third floor in a self-contained structure resembling a caravan. Here, customers can catch a glimpse of a revolving cast of artists-in-residence, watching them at work through the windows of the structure. Mirrored tiles and tonal blue carpets elevate the space, while multi-coloured fluffy sculpture installations created by New York-based artist Shoplifter bring added tactility.

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2 August 2022

Author: Savannah Scott and Matt Poile

Image: The Dreams lifestyle store designed by Adi Goodrich


WOW concept designed by External Reference, Spain

Bala’s sculptural take on fitness

Known for its weighted fitness accessories, Bala explored a more sculptural, larger-than-life take on its products through a recent New York pop-up store designed by Ringo Studio – known for its work on Glossier and Studs stores.

Inside the space, the brand’s fitness products were reproduced on a giant scale, encouraging customers to interact with the shapes – some became seats, others objects on which to recline – while also lending the products a new perspective that could only be experienced in a physical setting. As well as re-imagining its products as an integral part of its store design and visual identity, Bala also hosted a schedule of fitness classes, helping to build community and brand loyalty through a memorable environment that was as enriching as it was intriguing for customers.

Dreams awakens in-store Surrealism

Located in Los Angeles neighbourhood Atwater Village, Dreams is a concept lifestyle store with an interior heavily inspired by the Surrealist art movement that emerged from Paris in the 1920s.

The store was designed and built by spatial and set designer Adi Goodrich. Warm terracotta and sage tones draw customers deeper into the space, which is adorned with props inspired by the work of Salvador Dalí. Elsewhere, wavy lines introduce a feeling of flow and calm. Towards the rear of the store, a monolithic seven-feet blue boulder under its own glowing sky creates a sense of mystery and adds to the ethereal quality of the space, encouraging further exploration and ensuring visitors explore the entire store.

‘Organised chromatically, distinct zones immerse visitors in the colour space of the band, heightening the sense of place and identification with the brand’
Ringo Studio

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