The 4 Cs of Future Working with Martin Raymond and Lucy Lewis

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What does the future of work look like post-pandemic? Martin Raymond, co-founder of The Future Laboratory, and Lucy Silkin, Future of Work Hub and Employment partner at Lewis Silkin discuss what’s next for the workplace.

Everybody is talking about our return to work as a 3:2 or 2:3 proposition – as in three days in the office, two days at home, or vice versa. But few of us are asking about the why or the what of office culture, as in why should we return at all and what happens at the office when we do? Earlier this month, we went live on LinkedIn to try and answer some of these questions.

Tune in to our 30-minute conversation below, in which Lucy and Martin tackle the new legal and cultural shifts we need to embrace, along with how the four Cs of future engagement – collaboration, creativity, contribution and culture – will need to be executed to drive an organisation’s people, processes, purposes and professional wellbeing.

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29 September 2021

Author: Martin Raymond and Lucy Lewis

Image: Note designs Stockholm space for tech consultancy Samsen


The 4 Cs of Future Working with Martin Raymond and Lucy Lewis

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