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New Masculinity: The Film

Watch this diverse discussion about the new male mindset


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5 July 2018

Author: The Future Laboratory


Nine British men debate the changing face of masculinity in this insightful new film collaboration between IGGYLDN and The Future Laboratory

In the wake of all the toxic masculinity headlines and social media posts, we wanted to know how real men are feeling and talking about their gender in 2018. So we invited nine males from different ethnicities, ages, and occupations to The Future Laboratory to debate the changing role of masculinity on film.

Co-directed by rising British directors IGGYLDN and David McGovern, the men discuss everything from workplace behaviour and relationships, to self identity and mental health. “The fact that we’re in this space right now, talking to each other about this, is amazing,” says Cam, a musician and retail worker who has transitioned to become male. “I think these feelings have always been around, but it’s the fact that people are talking about it and addressing it that matters.”

For additional insight, head over to our Trends Intelligence platform LS:N Global, where you’ll find an entire section dedicated to New Masculinity, or alternatively download a curated 32 page report of the channel’s research.


The Future Laboratory x IGGYLDN

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