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New definitions of maturity are emerging as priorities shift from reversing the appearance of ageing to improving life-long health

Drivers: what’s happening

Over the past decade, the ageing conversation across the beauty and wellness sectors has significantly shifted. The story has evolved from anti- and pro-ageing to pre-ageing – a term that’s grown as a result of adopting more holistic health and beauty routines, and is geared towards prevention rather than cure.

Underpinning this has been the rise of Enhanced Natural Beauty, a shift that’s seen consumer beauty priorities move away from cosmetics fads to more measured, long-term rituals and the wider wellness topic of longevity as we live longer and healthier lifestyles. A recent study from Euromonitor International indicates that more than 50% of consumers define beauty as 'looking healthy.' In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that the 60+ population will nearly double by 2050 from 12% to 22%.

Already, scientists at Babraham Institute have been able to restore a 53-year-old woman’s skin cells to match the profile of cells 30 years younger. Wolf Reik, professor at Babraham Institute in Cambridge, explains: ‘The long-term aim is to extend the human healthspan rather than the lifespan, so that people can get older in a healthier way.’


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5 July 2022

Author: Olivia Houghton and Jessica Smith

Image: Tiny Associates, Sweden


Left: SpoiledChild, US. Right: Collecting Cultures by BioArt Laboratories, in collaboration with Gemeente Eindhoven, Project Overbruggen, GGZE, Internationale School Eindhoven and Woensel-West Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Market shifts: what’s new

Smart ageing solutions

With a growing number of products that aim to prevent the signs of ageing and a move towards Accredited Beauty solutions, there’s a rise in brands embracing smart ageing innovations. US-based SpoiledChild has created targeted products based on big data and artificial intelligence (AI). With people often using products they don’t need, the company's two-minute customer questionnaire uses its AI, known as SpoiledBrain, to match them with one primary product and three suggested products that cater for their individual skin needs and concerns.

The company hopes to create products that break from the standard ‘anti-ageing’ traditions and put the consumer in control of their future. Suzanne Fitzpatrick, co-general manager of Spoiled Child, says: ‘There is an entirely new generation of consumers that are redefining the rules of ageing on their own terms.’

Cell healthcare

There’s also a drive towards cell healthcare, with brands addressing the root cause of ageing rather than the symptoms. Tech-forward brand One Skin, for example, is taking a molecular approach to skin longevity. Carolina Reis Oliveira, scientist and co-founder of One Skin, discovered that most beauty products are unsuccessful at rejuvenating the skin and even contribute towards ageing. Its first proprietary technology, OS-01, eliminates roughly 40–50% of senescent cells on the skin, making room for younger, healthier cells to replicate.

In a similar vein, MitoQ Pure, has created a range of supplements with unique properties – the ability to be ‘absorbed directly into mitochondria, the powerhouses within cells’. This breakthrough, according to the website, ‘is at the forefront of the new field of targeted molecules, which we now know is vital for the cellular health revolution’.

‘Most products on the market not only fail to rejuvenate the skin, but also occasionally increase some of the genes that are related to ageing’
Carolina Reis Oliveira, co-founder, One Skin

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