How alcohol brands can look out for men's wellbeing

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As the definition of nutrition broadens to include mental wellbeing, men are seeking more nuanced support and recognition from the brands they purchase

Safe spaces: Bristol Beer Factory

Clear Head by Bristol Beer Factory is a low abv (0.5%) beer created in partnership with mental health charity Talk Club. Organising meetings for male groups in pubs across the UK, Talk Club seeks to normalise the conversation about men’s mental health, purposely eschewing clinical settings in favour of spaces where men already like to socialise, thus converting the pub into a wellness space.

Attendees are offered Clear Head so they can remain lucid while still engaging in the social ritual of drinking. The citrus beer is presented in a vibrantly hued can, with Bristol Beer Factory giving 5% of Clear Head profits to Talk Club.

First aid football: Carling

Carling is working with mental health charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) to offer mental health first aid training to grassroots football teams across the UK. The initiative promotes the healing power of sport by emphasising the relationship between team activities and mental wellbeing.

Recognising the role that post-match drinks can play in the communal experience of watching football, Carling has been able to enter local football communities to promote open dialogue about psychological wellbeing. CALM and Carling’s More Than a Game campaign encourages recreational football players to continue their teamwork off the pitch, offering them training sessions to learn how to confront difficult conversations about mental health.

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25 November 2021

Author: Savannah Scott and Lavinia Fasano

Image: London Fields Brewery


Left: Black Storm in partnership with The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), designed by Wonderstuff. Right: More Than a Game campaign by Carling in collaboration with charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM).

Wellbeing workshops: Brewgooder

A charitable partnership between craft beer company Brewgooder and mental wellbeing project Wrestling Demons aims to cater for the mental health needs of hospitality workers.

In collaboration with artists, bartenders and suppliers, the initiative has developed Please & Thank You, a special 4% abv rice lager designed to raise awareness of the negative psychological toll that service industry jobs can have on some members of its workforce, especially in light of Covid-19.

The packaging of the beer includes a QR code that allows drinkers to donate money towards therapy workshops for hospitality workers run by industry specialists Me, Myself in Mind. With the pandemic making service work more precarious than ever, the scheme demonstrates the importance of the wellbeing industry in the hospitality sector.

Peaceful packaging: Black Storm Brewery

In a further partnership with the charity CALM, Black Storm Brewery has created a selection of beers that use packaging design to raise awareness about suicide rates among men.

Taking inspiration from the zodiac star system, design agency Wonderstuff has developed 12 different designs that use pastel colours and playful illustrations to subvert traditional tropes of ‘masculine’ beer branding. The resulting designs aim to radiate calmness and warmth, promoting open conversations among drinkers through this aesthetic. In this way, Black Storm is showing how beer companies can use branding as a way to champion charitable causes.

‘Creating a sustainable, positive, mental health community. This is a beer for good.’
Bristol Beer Factory​

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