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No longer the epitome of youth culture, members of Generation Z are having kids of their own, driving the parenting sector in unexpected new directions

Drivers: what’s happening

Think Gen Z are teenagers? Think again. The eldest of this generation will be turning 30 in just three years’ time.

While this fact will no doubt invoke an existential crisis for brands that spent years building Gen Z strategies around youthfulness, it also brings major opportunities. As they start their own families, this generation won't hesitate to transform parenting culture. After all, they've so far rebranded everything from education and activism to wellbeing.

Already, this generation are embracing non-traditional family structures. According to a report by Vice on Gen Z parents, fewer than half are married, and they’re also refusing to sacrifice their identity, style and ambition as they become parents, foregoing tradition in favour of individuality – 73% said that becoming a parent enhances who you are as a person.

Even new cultural markers such as Rihanna’s much meme-ified pregnancy maximalism signal the end of a Millennial parenting style defined by gender reveal parties, wellness goddesses and pastel-hued minimalism. Instead, young parents will expect brands to help them meet the challenges of family life with the same verve of youth culture campaigns.

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31 May 2022

Author: Isabelle Jones and Holly Friend

Image: SKIMS Maternity, US


Kylie Baby, US

Hype maternity

The messaging around maternity wear has traditionally been a signal to women that it’s time to shed aspects of their wardrobe – and identity. But for Gen Z this is far from the case, and they’re swapping drab and domestic maternity wear for alternatives that draw on their unique style. Take The North Face Japan’s collection of convertible maternity performance wear as an example. Then there’s Herawares, the world’s first maternity streetwear brand, which taps into Gen Z’s well-renowned blending of functionality and fashion. The brand’s co-ords, which will be available later this year, are designed for pregnancy lifestyles that are active and energetic, all the while focusing on comfort.

Mini-me wellness

Since 2018, we’ve been exploring the ways in which Gen Z are considering wellbeing in every life decision. After all, a staggering 46% of this generation say they feel stressed or anxious all or most of the time, according to Deloitte. This awareness of mental health extends to their parenting techniques, resulting in the creation of a kids’ version of meditation app Headspace. Baby care is also getting a Gen Z rebranding – Proudly is an upcoming brand for babies of colour, while Kylie Jenner has complemented her Kylie Cosmetics brand with her own baby skincare line, Kylie Baby.

‘Rihanna is setting pregnancy style ablaze. It’s not hiding. It’s not accomodating... It’s more of an effusive energy’
Solange Franklin, stylist and fashion consultant

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