Five brands extolling the cool of cryobeauty

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From collaborations to cooling beauty formulas, brands are exploring the regenerative benefits of cryotherapy via tools and topical treatments

Charlotte Tilbury: cryotherapy meets acupressure

Inspired by make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury's backstage beauty ritual of using ice cubes on models’ faces to smooth and lift skin, her eponymous beauty brand now offers a Cryo-Recovery Face Mask and eye serum.

Uniting cryotherapy and the art of facial acupressure, the mask is embedded with cooling metal beads suspended in gel pockets above the brows, and along the cheekbone and jawline. By focusing on these acupressure points, the mask is said to sculpt the face and flush out fluid retention.

The corresponding Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum is formulated with caffeine and the brand's proprietary IceAwake blend – an extract from Swiss glacial soil, alongside a peptide complex blend to de-puff, soothe and brighten skin.

Ameon: anti-inflammatory ice cubes

Offering future-focused skincare backed by science and technology, Ameon’s Supreme Energy Ice Cubes are made to be kept in the freezer and applied to the face wrapped in gauze. They are formulated with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory verbena stem water, zinc, copper and magnesium, AHAs and diamond powder.

The combination of ingredients and cooling temperature on the skin encourages the facial blood vessels to constrict and dilate to refresh, tone and detoxify the skin, while delivering oxygen and nutrients for an overall firmer and hydrating effect. ‘Cryotherapy isn’t just about cleansing and toning,' Alina Mehrle, founder of Ameon, tells Forbes. 'It’s about increasing the blood flow in your face to tighten and brighten your complexion. The result leaves your skin with a dewy, youthful glow.' According to Mehrle, this cold therapy can also boost cell rejuvenation and collagen to help skin retain elasticity.

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5 April 2022

Author: Jessica Smith and Olivia Houghton

Image: Charlotte Tilbury Cryo-Recovery Face Mask


Ameon, US

Boscia: cold-as-ice ingredients

The cooling formula of Boscia’s Cryosea Firming Icy-Cold Cleanser is a result of the brand’s patented Cryosea blend, made with red algae, sodium hyaluronate, sea kelp extract, sea water and AHAs. These ingredients are known for their soothing effect and provide a cold-as-ice experience that helps to tighten, firm and plump skin in preparation for additional skincare steps.

To reap the benefits of the cleanser, users create a lather on the face for 15 seconds and then rinse, which triggers the cooling sensation. According to Boscia, skin is left clean, cool and tingly, and ready for other skincare products. 'It’s like a wake-up call in the morning for your skin – you can really feel the icy-cold come to life as you lather it on to your skin,' explains Lan Belinky, co-creator of Boscia.

Synth Labs Int’l: popsicles for the face

Australian skincare brand Synth Labs Int’l is taking a playful approach to cryo-beauty application with its Chill! Formula: Grass product, which mimics a popsicle. Sold as a kit for at-home application, users fill a silicone mould with a topical treatment that comprises a grass jelly and powder. After freezing for four hours, the frozen formula isn't eaten but applied over the skin, taking on a serum consistency. It is then massaged onto the face for three minutes and left for 20 minutes to soak in.

The Chill! product's key ingredients include algae, snow mushroom, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and cica grass, reported to calm acne breakouts, reduce redness and inflammation, and give an overall hydrated appearance. According to Dani Andre, the brand's co-founder, the product is a response to changing environmental conditions: ‘We’re constantly moving between drying, air-conditioned spaces to the steaming hot outdoors so I started freezing my serums initially for a quick cool down to help de-puff my hot and irritated visage.'

‘Cryotherapy isn’t just about cleansing and toning. It’s about increasing the blood flow in your face to tighten and brighten your complexion’
Alina Merhle, founder, Ameon

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