Erotic Eating

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Consumers’ hunger is growing for niche ingredients, sensorial shopping experiences and communal eating events centred on touch and indulgence

Pleasurable produce

Following a period of restricted communal dining, strict measures on touching and handling produce in stores, and even some limits on access to certain fruits, vegetables and flavours, diners are indulging once again in the more sensorial side of food.

With 42% of people saying that they will continue to cook more after the pandemic, supermarkets are in prime position to entice shoppers, with some presenting riotous displays to highlight the tactility, texture and tastes of particular goods (source: Deloitte).

Between March 2020 and May 2021, 796 independent delicatessens were opened in London alone (source: Local Data Company). One example is The Ealing Grocer, opened by Andy Harris, the former editor of Jamie Oliver’s Jamie Magazine. At this epicurean emporium, colours and shapes take centre stage in how food is presented in-store and communicated online. According to Harris, some customers are travelling almost 100 miles to purchase mulberries featured on its Instagram page. ‘We have beautiful fruit and veg,’ he explains. ‘People say: ‘Wow, your carrots really taste of something’.’

At Alimentari Flâneur in New York, the tedious act of grocery shopping is being transformed into a physically pleasurable pursuit. Produce is displayed with playful labels announcing ‘seductive purple artichokes’, ‘femme fatale pink lemons’ and ‘debaucherous Oro Blanco grapefruit’. On its Instagram page, things get more suggestive: carrots are styled to look like women’s legs, while apples are shot with large bites taken out of them, simply captioned: ‘You up?’

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22 November 2021

Author: Savannah Scott and Lavinia Fasano

Image: Evocative Photography by Stormy Pyeatte


Orgasm by Pearl Butter


While we have previously explored the rise of Gastronomy Fetish and food ASMR, overlooked ingredients such as fenugreek and barrenwort are now landing in the spotlight for their libido-enhancing properties or potential to stimulate mind and body.

Orgasm is a cacao butter spread by food company Pearl Butter that is marketed as ‘the ultimate sensual experience’. It is made with naturally mind-altering ingredients like maca, an ancient stimulant hailing from the high Andes in Peru, and horny goat weed, a potent aphrodisiac often used to help increase oestrogen in post-menopausal women. Not limited to the kitchen alone, the vegan spread aims to satisfy cravings while enhancing the sexual experience, showing how the definition of nutrition has broadened beyond physical wellbeing to include pleasure and indulgence.

In California, wellness company and platform Goop has created a supplement to help enhance women’s arousal. Playfully named DTF (Down to F**k), the vitamin uses natural aphrodisiacs such as saffron and fenugreek to increase women’s sexual arousal. While sexual health supplements and Viagra have become more accessible in recent years, the Goop vitamin represents a shift in demand for women’s sexual performance products.

The rise of erotic eating isn’t limited to food – it’s also making its mark in branding and packaging. Pleasure company Cake, which sells personal lubricants, condoms and sex toys, takes its name from the indulgent, sweet food, drawing a clear link between sexual exploration and eating.

Raw connections

Indeed, the crossover between food and sex is becoming more pronounced through events that combine nudity, cooking and community eating, bringing to the fore the enjoyment of food as a sensual experience. Such events promote the idea that eating is an inherently social act through which people can deepen their connection with each other and their own minds and bodies by focusing on what they put into their mouth.

‘People crave an immersive story told through nostalgic smells, tastes and textures. They want to be enchanted by the joy of discovery’
Daniel Emilio Soares, founder, Alimentari Flâneur

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