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At The Future Laboratory, we are constantly working to make our workplace more inclusive. A large part of this comes from our Diversity & Inclusion strategy, which we have refreshed to keep momentum on upholding the values that we have defined.

Our diversity and inclusion strategy began in 2020 after the murder of George Floyd. Although this was a horrific display of injustice which should have never occurred, it forced organisations to examine their systemic racism. Using diversity as a buzz word was no longer enough, communities were calling out for true change.

Three years on our main focus is maintaining momentum, marginalised groups still face increasing amounts of discrimination and prejudice in this country. This can be seen through the governments hostile policies when it comes to refugees, trans women & public sector workers to name a few. As a business we cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to these subject matters.

Our four main pillars for the D&I strategy are Framework, Reformation, Relearning & Healing, read on to learn more about how we are continuing to uphold them.

This is a new edition in the D&I at The Lab series. Stay tuned for upcoming articles as we continue the conversation with exclusive op-eds from our wider team. 

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22 March 2023

Author: Paige Owusu

Image: 4 My Girls, South Africa


Oye, US


For Framework we are working towards becoming a level 2 disability confident employer. Now we’ve created an environment where people with disabilities feel more comfortable applying to The Lab, achieving level 2 status is about ensuring they have the tools to succeed. We will need to carry out a self-assessment to guarantee we are meeting the targets set out.

Last year Amber Richards and I completed the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index, this was a review to see how well our company policies and initiatives served the LGBTQ+ community. This year we will be taking the results of the review to make The Lab a safer more inclusive space.


For Relearning we will be rolling out our Diversity Dictionaries training created by The Other Box. By broadening our understanding of language and the impact it can have on people, we hope to create an environment where everyone thrives. We also want to implement changes from our annual climate survey, one of our findings was that the working-class experience was not discussed enough. Therefore, for international women’s day we had the founder of Bricks Magazine Tori West come in for an Interview. She discussed classism and how it is a huge barrier to accessing employment.

‘By broadening our understanding of language and the impact it can have on people, we hope to create an environment where everyone thrives.’
Pangaia family


Regarding Reformation we will be entering our second year of the 10,000 Black Interns scheme. The nature of many creative industries is nepotistic, many people are fast tracked into roles because of connections and not their talent. 10,000 Black Interns is an amazing scheme as it gives young people who do not have a direct line into the Trends industry the ability to gain experience and learn more about our company.


Finally Healing, we will be introducing more work socials which do not centre around drinking. For many people alcohol based events can feel inaccessible, so we will put out a range of events both in real life and virtually for people to access. We also want to host more events for our employee networks, last year some highlights were the LGBTQ+ going to see The book of Mormon & the PGM network seeing the Black Ballet. With the introduction of the parental network, we also recognise that they are a marginalised group who need additional support. Recruiting people from marginalised groups is not enough, we need to ensure they feel comfortable enough to stay. Some of the ways this can be done is through respecting their experiences and not asking for them to assimilate. Instead, we want the diversity of our team to enrich and grow our company culture.

As said by The Otherbox D&I is a constant cycle of unlearning and relearning, we are committed to embodying a growth mindset that leads with understanding, empathy & compassion.


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