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Web3 communities are using technologies such as blockchain and DAOs to encourage people to break bread together – both online and offline

Drivers: what’s happening

In recent years, technology and the food sector have united to connect communities and kin, bringing strangers together for convivial dinners or through storytelling apps that link shoppers with local small-scale producers.

Now, as we move into the era of Web3, the technologies that underpin it such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies are helping to forge new food-centric communities. United by an interest in dining well and the desire to be part of a collective, people are investing in projects and ideas that make food – and the industry – both more accessible and sociable.

The result is Crypto-dining Clubs, or Crypto-culinary clubs. Largely existing as decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs), members pool their funds, ideas and responsibilities to develop and give access to new physical dining experiences, limited-edition products and even fresh produce. The genial nature of these clubs is also key. As Austin Robey, founder of supper club Dinner DAO, explains: ‘We’ve spent all this time over the last year and a half moving relationships online. This is an exercise in moving them offline again. What better way to build bonds than to meet and break bread?’

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21 March 2022

Author: Kathryn Bishop and Holly Friend

Image: 0% Food by XK Studio


Left: Nifty Pantry is an NFT project developed by Zippy Pantry. Right: Leisure Creature NFT is a one-of-a-kind art piece that grants owners membership to a creative community.

Case studies: what’s new

Dinner DAO

With the tagline ‘let’s pitch in and have meals together’, Dinner DAO operates in cities such as New York and Portland, using technology to bring people together in real life. To become a member, prospective diners must first purchase a Dinner DAO NFT using crypto. From here, the digital money raised from membership NFTs is combined into a shared treasury, which the club’s members use to pay for group dinners when they meet as a collective. Adding a layer of exclusivity to who is in this supper club, only eight Dinner DAO memberships exist per city, with members voting to select which new or revered restaurant to attend.

Bored Breakfast Club

When coffee connoisseurship and Web3 collide, the result is the Bored Breakfast Club, a community subscription run that uses blockchain to unlock limited-edition blends of coffee for members. Created by digital design studio Kléy and Los Angeles-based roastery Yes Plz Coffee, people gain access to Bored Breakfast Club by purchasing ones of 5,000 unique NFTs of breakfast scenes. Through both membership growth and people selling their NFTs, funds that are raised will allow Yes Plz to release new blends more often, while also being used to pay for roasting, packaging and global shipping.


Looking to the future of decentralised food communities, the DAO model could also be used collectively to help reduce the cost of food – a pertinent idea amid global, pandemic-induced inflation. In this vein, crypto-engineer and writer Nat Eliason is taking cues from physical food co-ops, where people donate both money and time to provide greater food access. Eliason's concept – CowDAO – gives members discounts on high-quality meat by investing in a percentage of an animal rather than the whole beast. Over time, as a community is built, prices for this quality produce should fall. ‘As the business and treasury grow, membership gets better and better, and the meat gets cheaper and cheaper,’ explains Eliason.

Analysis: what this means

In the food and drink industry, DAOs and blockchain-based decentralised finance (DeFi) hold vast potential to transform access and ownership.

‘What’s neat with this [yield DAO] model is that members are incentivised to promote the additional sales to non-members since it enhances the value of the membership’
Nat Eliason, writer and crypto-engineer

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