Back to the F**kture: Harry Jameson

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In the third episode of season 2 of our Back to the F**kture podcast, Martin Raymond speaks to Harry Jameson, performance coach and personal trainer to athletes, celebrities and professionals and columnist at The Times


There’s a great Daily Mail paparazzi shot of trainer to the stars Harry Jameson chasing Boris Johnson around a London park.

The latter looks, fat, flushed and harried, the former like a sleek hound about to devour its juicy and sweating quarry. Well, that’s my interpretation of the photograph anyway. As it turns out, Harry isn’t pursuing our ex-PM (more’s the pity), he’s attempting to train him. My emphasis, not his. I merely say it because Harry diplomatically says nothing when I challenge and goad him in my podcast on the joys, pleasures and consequences of giving Boris a run for his money.

Harry, as I’ve said, is a celebrity trainer – think Love Island lovelies, FTSE 100 CEOs and Hollywood A-Listers – and a columnist for The Times. But he’s also discreet (so no gossip there), a chap with a future finger firmly on the pulse, and one who knows more about wellness than Boris the Bodger knows about opening bottles or eating cake.

I’ve known Harry for years, and I’ve seen him tap into the zeitgeist time and again, and to do so long before his peers. When everybody else was banging on about weights, muscle fatigue and good sweat, he was already onto balance, wellbeing and good nutrition.

When trainers were doing full-shout workouts – think CrossFit, beasting, frozen Mondays among the needle shards in your local community gardens – he was reminding us that fitness was as much about mind, body and spirit as it was about brawn, bulk and Atkins everything. Bad breath, anybody?

And now that everyone has again come around to his way of thinking, he’s just launched RAIN, a luxury CBD home and body balm range which, despite its relative youth, can now be found in Selfridges, Neiman Marcus, Printemps and Milan’s Rinascente.

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28 July 2022

Author: Martin Raymond and Harry Jameson



Wellbeing is about therapeutics and using ingredients like CBD, mushrooms (yes, from chaga to psilocybin) and even their more shamanistic counterparts such as peyote or ayahuasca to promote a better understanding of mind, body, spirit and, crucially, energy optimisation.

For the moment, while many of these psycho-therapeutics are still being tried, tested and challenged commercially, his new company, Pillar Wellbeing, focuses on what he refers to as ‘the three guiding pillars of Synchronised Care and wellbeing – movement, nutrition and recovery’ with a core focus on energy and how we need to refract everything from food and exercise to sleep through its increasingly important lens.

‘We’re using exercise and gym packages to get people back to the office,’ he says, wearing his chief wellness officer of Pillar Wellbeing hat. ‘But we’re completely misunderstanding the role of wellness in the corporate arena. This isn’t about the fun office effect, but about unlocking energy within individuals, teams, a room, or building to optimise creativity, culture, overall life performance.’

It’s the same, he says, when it comes to Luddite gyms, spas and wellness hubs. And to prove his point he’s about to open a state-of-the-art Pillar Wellbeing brand experience at the new multi-million-pound apartment complex that The Raffles hotel group is opening in the Old War Office buildings along Whitehall.

Here your wellness regime can be tracked 24/7 – ‘sleep being a new territory that needs to be explored and mastered’ – with a view to optimising your overall cognitive function, but also – and this is Harry’s next big thing – with a view to managing the ageing process, which is Silicon Valley’s next big Grail quest.

‘At the moment, I believe we can use the tools and technologies we have to give the 65-year-old the energy of a 25-year-old.’ ‘I’m for that one,’ I tell him. But soon, he believes, even that may become obsolete as we recontextualise age in terms of a degenerative disease that can be cured, rather than a cast iron inevitability that must be endured, like the sweaty residue of our former Prime Minister.

You can find out more about RAIN and Pillar Wellbeing by clicking on the highlighted words. 

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