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AI is pushing the boundaries of brand and consumer interactions, creating experimental and sensorial campaigns that exceed consumers’ new expectations

Drivers: what’s happening

Once categorised as the antithesis to creativity, artificial intelligence (AI) is rising in the ranks of the advertising handbook, allowing creatives to harness untapped avenues and facilitate hyper-reactive campaigns.

Technological advances and symbiotic brand-consumer relationships have blurred the boundaries between marketing and entertainment. This is prompting advertising to trade in static visuals in favour of playfully immersive environments that are often personalised to demographics or individual needs.

Now, the stage is set for even more experimental add-ons as the widespread adoption of AI unlocks fresh possibilities for co-creation and allowing consumers to become a vital part of the creative process, either through participation or experience.

Brand-consumer co-creation is a strategy that has made cultural and commercial sense over the past decade. Research from Harvard Business Review confirms that consumers are willing to buy more, pay a higher price and promote to friends when they can see products as extensions of themselves.

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28 September 2022

Author: Darian Nugent and Savannah Scott

Image: Gohar World, US


A Taste of Passion by Rémy Martin 1738 in collaboration with Usher, US

Case studies: what’s new

Usher and Rémy Martin

Exploring how AI can act as a conduit for sensorial experience, French cognac brand Rémy Martin teamed up with American R&B singer Usher to create a campaign merging AI capabilities with the spoken word. Designed to celebrate the launch of its limited-edition 1738 cognac, the campaign features Usher poetically describing the product’s tasting notes and translating the phrases and descriptions into a first-of-its-kind digital artwork that puts taste front and centre.

Dentsu Creative for European Music Festival

Portugal’s Jardim Sonoro, one of Europe’s leading electronic music festivals, underwent an artistic rebranding courtesy of AI this year. Created with marketing agency Dentsu Creative, the event used visual AI platform Mid Journey to transform keywords submitted by users into promotional materials encompassing the festival’s key tenets of music, travel and culture. Designed to capture the sensorial thrill of attending the event, the resulting computer-generated campaign combined performer photographs with birds, butterflies, leaves and trees.

Heinz AI

Boasting a more irreverent approach to AI adoption, US-based HJ Heinz Co created a campaign to test its theory that the brand is the go-to option for ketchup. Using the Dall-E 2 AI system, the brand fed the software with random ketchup-related phrases and the results yielded a series of sauce-inspired images with its signature branding. The findings formed part of Heinz’s ongoing Draw Ketchup campaign, which aims to prove the brand’s synonymous relationship with its defining product.

‘We're thrilled to see even the most unbiased source recognises that when it comes to ketchup, it has to be Heinz’
Jaqueline Chao, senior brand manager, Heinz

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