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This week: A luxury gym embracing holistic wellbeing, Balenciaga merges fashion and tech, Cards of Qatar flip the switch on traditional football cards, empowering young sportswomen and Diptyque elevates cleaning.

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15 July 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: AirBnb, US


The Gucci Pet Collection, Italy

1. A luxurious private gym embraces holistic wellness

Los Angeles – A holistic approach to wellness finds its way into a luxury members’ club, as Los Angeles’s newly opened Heimat, developed by fitness brand RSG Group, looks to elevate both fitness and indulgence in equal measure. Members can take in views of the Hollywood Hills from the rooftop pool, or join a class in the bootcamp studio located beneath the club’s in-house Michelin-starred restaurant.

With luxury consumers increasingly recognising the benefits of a rounded approach to health, Heimat will encourage members to unwind as well as stay fit. The 75,000-square-feet wellness concept club transforms a 1930s building in Hollywood’s Media District into a beautifully executed space combining carefully sourced premium materials with an industrial edge. The private gym will offer state-of the-art equipment and classes with top-level instructors across a wide range of disciplines, while a well-stocked and beautifully decorated bar offers a place to relax. Exclusivity is built into the philosophy of the space, with membership numbers strictly limited to avoid overcrowding.

Stay up to date with the latest developments in this fast-developing space with LS:N Global’s forthcoming wellness tourism update, which will be published later this month.

Meme-ingful Connections by Tinder, US

2. Balenciaga’s couture speaker bag merges fashion and tech

Paris – The boundaries between fashion and technology continue to blur in unexpected ways as the luxury brand unveils a fully functioning speaker handbag. Arriving as a collaboration with high-end consumer electronics company Bang & Olufsen, the bag fuses high sound quality with the sculptural design of Balenciaga’s signature handbags.

Revealed for the first time at Balenciaga’s 51st couture show in Paris, the speaker bags played music to the audience as they were carried by models on the runway. The creation is designed to reflect the attention both brands play to craft, delivering a hybrid product that delivers on both aesthetics and function. ‘Couture is custom, exclusive, culture creating and the art of making by extremely skilled craftsmen,’ says Miklu Silvanto, Bang & Olufsen's chief design officer. ‘This bag is a testament to what happens when two very special companies with an unparalleled heritage of craftsmanship join forces.’

The launch is part of ongoing efforts by Balenciaga to foster interest in couture for a new generation of luxury shoppers. We recently explored how the brand’s latest store acts as a gateway to couture.

Cards of Qatar by Blankspot, Sweden

3. These football cards profile Qatar’s fateful migrant workers

Qatar – With excitement building about the FIFA World Cup, citizen-funded journalism platform Blankspot is working to raise awareness of its lesser-known, more harrowing background. Its project, Cards of Qatar, flips the script on traditional football cards to profile the stories of the migrant workers in Qatar who never returned.

Together with a team of local journalists in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, Blankspot is collecting stories of migrant workers to capture on cards, with the goal of publishing one card each day until the tournament starts. The cards will also be followed by long-form articles and interviews with players, politicians and workers’ organisations. Through this project, Blankspot hopes to spark ethical change in countries that host similar large-scale events.

‘Cards of Qatar is a way to spread the stories to a large audience while putting more pressure on FIFA and other organisations that organise sporting events,’ says Patrik Arnesson, founder of football media platform Forza Football. By calling on football organisations to take greater responsibility, this project demonstrates how the sport can facilitate civic action.

4. Nike’s Rebel Girls tie-up empowers young sportswomen

Europe – In a bid to amplify women in sports, the sportswear giant is partnering with storytelling platform Rebel Girls to produce a limited-edition book in celebration of the UEFA European Women’s Championship. The book, Rebel Girls: Game-Changing Footballers, presents 12 stories of women athletes, coaches and community leaders. To inspire young women and girls, Nike will distribute 20,000 free copies of the book to children at Nike stores, as well as in various schools across the UK.

As part of the initiative, the two brands will also promote original stories and illustrations within their digital eco-systems. Here, Nike and Rebel Girls showcase the ways in which. the Women’s Football Revolution is evolving in line with Generation Alpha. ‘As we celebrate 12 women footballers from 10 countries with Nike in Rebel Girls: Game-Changing Footballers, we empower girls to see themselves as champions as we amplify the barrier-breaking achievements of women athletes around the world,’ said Jes Wolfe, CEO at Rebel Girls.

Elsewhere, we previously covered a video campaign and nostalgic sticker book that similarly flips the script on the rigid gender associations that are still common in football.

Rebel Girls and Nike, Europe
La Droguerie by Diptyque, France

5. Diptyque elevates cleaning into a pleasurable pursuit

France – Transforming the mundane task of housekeeping into a pleasure pursuit, fragrance company Diptyque has released a line of home care products called La Droguerie. The collection, which includes dishwashing liquid, a multi-surface cleaner, leather and wood lotion, and anti-odour candles, blends luxury fragrance with utility needs.

Bringing the same olfactory approach that the company applies to its fragrances, the cleaning products feature enticing aromas of orange blossom with notes of mandarin and basil. In addition to the appealing smell, the products help achieve a deep clean without the use of toxic chemicals. The collection has also received the seal of approval from Ecocert, an international sustainability certification.

As we recently explored in the Avant Abodes section of the Innovation Debrief report, the La Droguerie collection elevates the drab act of cleaning into a sensorial experience. ‘Created according to the principles of eco-design, the La Droguerie collection values environmental responsibility as highly as it does the beauty of its objects and the sensual enjoyment they provide,’ says the press release.


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