The Strategic Networking Masterclass Series

Don’t be intimidated by networking when you can harness the hidden laws of networks to increase your professional, personal and social connections to strategic effect.

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As professionals, we want to deepen our knowledge, increase our value, and improve the impact and reach of our professional, cultural and social networks.

We want them to be more strategic, powerful, innovative and effective in terms of who they connect us with, why they connect us, and how we can use these connections to improve our profits, productivity and professional clout.

Our Strategic Networking Masterclass Series will help you do all of these things – as well as mastering the hidden laws that will help you to become a super-connector and go-to knowledge broker.

Best-selling author and co-founder of The Future Laboratory, Martin Raymond, uses his extensive insights on strategic networking to help you master the art of connecting with impact and intent.

Our Strategic Networking Masterclass Series comprises eight in-depth online modules, each backed up with easy-to-follow 20-minute video lectures led by Martin, audiocasts that you can listen to and learn from on the move, and further reading and resource modules.

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What will you learn?

The Strategic Networking Masterclass Series has been designed to consolidate, sharpen and improve your ability to network in ways that make the art of outreach more strategic, fulfilling and valuable.

Each module is self-contained, but with accompanying course notes you will learn to connect strategically, but with empathy, reciprocity, trust and those core value sets that compel fellow professionals, or life travellers, to connect with you openly.

Here we explain, explore and utilise the power laws, preferential connection rules and compelling behavioural techniques that define and drive successful start-up owners, entrepreneurs, professionals who network successfully – and with intention.

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Who is it for?

Our approach to strategic networking is used by professionals globally to increase their connections, improve their sector knowledge, uplift their potential to innovate, and connect them with innovators, early adopters and venture capitalists investing in tomorrow.

Our eight-part series is a professional and personal journey for students, start-ups, founders, CEOs, VCs, senior leadership teams, professional planners, strategists, researchers and creatives keen to extend their networks and connect with confidence, clarity and long-term consequence.

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