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Food & Drink Futures Forum

22 November 2017, London

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An obstacle for many businesses today is how to build teams that are armed with fast-changing consumer information, and the tools to apply it strategically. The most compelling and entertaining way to bring this intelligence to life is through one of our highly subscribed live events.

Our Food & Drink Futures Forum takes an in-depth look at industry-specific trends, exploring everything new and next in the sector that is set to affect the future consumer in the next 3–5 years. Guest speakers include industry leaders and innovators, and attendees receive an extensive Food & Drink Futures Report offering further insights into the market and implications for their business.

Egle Zvirblyte for Caña Magazine, Barcelona


Why Attend?

‘As consumers demand more transparency across sectors, the food and drink industry will have to reconsider everything from their ingredients list to their labelling initiatives and their marketing strategies.’

Martin Raymond, co-founder, The Future Laboratory

As well as delivering key consumer and industry insights, attendees will have direct access to our research and strategy teams, who will be on hand to answer questions on how best to apply and tailor these insights to your specific business needs. There will also be ample opportunities to network with your peers, industry influencers and the keynote speakers. 

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A detailed global market overview highlights the key obstacles and opportunities in the sector, looking at a wide range of topics from the dining out habits of consumers to the raging war between brown and white spirits.

Download the event agenda here.

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Our Food and Drink Futures presentation is an invaluable road map of the key trends set to affect the food and drinks sector over the next 3–5 years. Our analysts will arm your team with insights and a toolkit to help your brand adapt to shifting consumer expectations and capitalise on technological advances in the sector.

Citizen consumers and producers, empowered by social media and the internet, are together leading a revolution to reset the global dining agenda. A more holistic view of food and drink, taken as a cornerstone of health, beauty and wellbeing, in balance with the environment, is driving innovation.

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Martin Raymond Co-founder, The Future Laboratory

A dynamic, if reluctant presenter, Martin is editor-in-chief of LS:N Global, our online lifestyle news and consumer insight portal. Not only does he regularly contribute on trends and business to the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV, he has also written and co-authored a fascinating range of books, including crEATe (Gestalten), The Tomorrow People: Future Consumers and How to Read Them Today (Financial Times Prentice Hall), and the aforementioned The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook.

Chris Sanderson, Co-Founder, The Future Laboratory

Christopher Sanderson is co-founder of The Future Laboratory, where he is responsible for delivering the company’s extensive global roster of conferences, media events and LS:N Global Trend Briefings, which he co-presents with the team in London, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Stockholm and Helsinki. Clients who have booked one of his inspirational keynotes include Gucci Group, the European Travel Commission, Retail Week, Selfridges, M&S, Chanel, Harrods, Aldo and H&M.

Hannah Robinson Art Director, LS:N Global

Hannah joined The Future Laboratory in 2010, and in her current role leads a team of visual researchers, analysts and video journalists in identifying and visually communicating key shifts that will affect the look and feel of the lifestyle industries. Hannah’s expertise lies in the development of design trends and she is responsible for leading visual content for biannual Trend Briefing topics and Futures Forums, as well as creating presentations for global brands including Chanel, Selfridges and LVMH.

Dr Rupy Aujla, founder, The Doctor’s Kitchen

Rupy is the NHS GP behind The Doctor’s Kitchen, a project to inspire patients about the beauty of food and the medicinal effects of eating well. He creates delicious recipes and talks about the clinical research behind the ingredients he uses on YouTube, Instagram and his blog. In his role as clinical adviser to the Royal College of General Practitioners, he has big aspirations to bring the concept of culinary medicine to the profession globally, and his book, The Doctor’s Kitchen, is due to be published by Harper Collins in December 2017

Daniela Walker Insight Editor, LS:N Global

Daniela joined LS:N Global in 2013, and she now oversees the Micro Trend, Safari and Tribe sections of the website. She is also one of the lead writers for our annual macrotrends. Writing across the consumer lifestyle sectors, Daniela has a fondness for food and drink, advertising and all things gender-related. Before working at LS:N Global, Daniela was a freelance journalist, writing in-depth profile pieces on creatives such as chef Fergus Henderson and choreographer Akram Khan.

Mark Driscoll, head of food, Forum for the Future

Mark has 25 years’ experience in sustainable development, and works to support the wider food team in devising and delivering a series of collaborative and innovative projects with Forum partners and other stakeholders designed to ensure we move to a fairer, healthier and more equitable global sustainable food system.

Claire Smith-Warner, director of spirits education, Moët Hennessy

Considered one of the most respected authorities on vodka and mixology worldwide, Claire joined LVMH in March 2003. Since then, she has led the team at Polmos Żyrardów in the creation of eight 100% natural flavoured vodkas to complement Belvedere’s core flavours, Citrus and Pink Grapefruit. Claire is credited with creating Belvedere Unfiltered in 2011, distilled with Dankowskie Diamond Rye, and more recently the terroir-inspired Belvedere Single Estate Rye range of vodkas.

Tony Conigliaro, owner, Drink Factory

Tony is a globally renowned bartender and mixologist who works with Michelin-starred chefs and food scientists to understand the chemistry behind how flavour works and how technology can be used to intensify its effects. He also works with artists, architects and designers to explore aesthetic concepts that he incorporates into his drinks and the design of his bars. In 2007, Tony founded Drink Factory – a group of pioneering drinks researchers – to put his ideas into practice. At their laboratory in East London, Tony and his team create new drinks that feature on the menus at their award-winning bars, including 69 Colebrooke Row, Bar Termini Soho, Bar Termini Centrale and Untitled.


The Future Laboratory’s home at Elder Street has its own story to tell. The Grade II-listed property is built on the site of a Roman cemetery and in the precincts of the medieval Priory and Hospital of St Mary Spital.

Located between London’s creative capital of Shoreditch and the financial heart of the city, it’s a short walk from Shoreditch High Street and Liverpool Street stations.

The Future Laboratory
26 Elder Street
London E1 6BT

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