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Trend Briefing 2018

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From fake news to trial by Twitter, our concept of morality is undergoing a paradigm shift.

We are challenged daily by shifting value codes and brand intimacies that are welcome for some, but intrusive and threatening to others.

At our recent Trend Briefing 2018, we examined the pressing questions surrounding subconscious commerce, post-GDP societies, and corporate morality in the age of big data. And now, for the first time ever, each of the three macrotrend presentations, along with the strategic implications, are available as on-demand video replays.

How can you harness The Moral Uprising? Watch the videos to find out.

: Top: ANIMA II by Nick Verstand
: Right: Still from Propagation by Com Truise, co-directed by Will Joines & Karrie Crouse

In the video presentation package:

: Introduction

We have reached a period of moral reckoning. Having promised liberation, the internet has emerged as a tool for manipulation and subjugation, helping to create a global empathy deficit. There is a collective realisation that innovation is causing as many problems as it seeks to address.

: Morality Recoded

Having promised liberation, the internet has emerged as a tool for manipulation and subjugation, helping to create a global empathy deficit. Standing on the cusp of new technological frontiers, we investigate how brands can become moral leaders in these times of turbulence, fostering a culture of ethical innovation and embedding new codes of conduct into emerging digital spaces.

: Post-growth Society

More than ever, growth in world economies takes place irrespective of individuals’ health, equality and happiness. But we are now moving towards an empathic, human-centric understanding of how the components of an advanced society are formed. We explore how to apply new metrics of growth to your business, looking towards markers of wellbeing, emotional fulfilment and social good.

: Subconscious Commerce

Today’s consumers demand levels of convenience so extreme that it is fast becoming difficult to distinguish between product discovery, purchase moment and private life. As brand touchpoints draw ever closer to people’s day-to-day experiences, we look at how businesses can renegotiate their customer relationships to take into account ever-greater degrees of intimacy, responsiveness and responsibility.

: Strategic Implications

Through the lens of humanity’s seven fundamental needs – Attainment, Belonging, Curiosity, Fulfilment, Identity, Purpose and Security – we examine how brands can best implement our three macrotrends to ensure products and services remain relevant in both the short- and long-term future.

Hive View home security camera by Yves Beha
We Are Energy by Asif Khan, Astana Expo, Kazakhstan


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