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Curated Events

Experiential days of inspiration

See, hear, feel, taste and touch the future by attending our regular unique events that introduce our latest consumer and market foresight, and will immerse you in and connect you with other brands and businesses seeking to be more prepared for the future.

Thousands of people attend our Summits and Workshops every year to discover how to avoid the glitches of tomorrow. Our events are a chance to network, collaborate and harness the thinking of today’s innovators long before your competitors. We can tailor our Foresight Presentations, Trend Briefings, Futures Forums and Foresight Workshops to your individual business needs. 

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‘The team learned more at The Future Laboratory’s half-day Trend Briefing in New York than in the four days spent at SXSW.’
Jeff Reilly, executive director, brand strategy
Condé Nast Media Group
‘What I really like about the Trend Briefings is that they are rooted in practical experience and give you an understanding of what’s emerging across culture, branding and commerce, with examples that back it up. I wouldn’t have been able to make the connections that are made at these Briefings.’
Rob Alderson, managing editor
‘It’s an absolute brilliant way of networking with other people and individuals from my own industry and different industries because, actually, we’re all facing the same thing.’
Bruce Langlands, director of food halls
‘I absolutely loved it. I feel full to the brim with ideas. We often hear a lot from the more senior people in the luxury industry and it was really interesting to also hear a young person’s take and thinking about focusing on the Millennial generation and how we can best access them.’
Olivia von Halle, owner
Olivia von Halle
‘The Future Laboratory are very clever people.’
Indy Saha, director of creative strategy, Google Creative Lab

Google Creative Lab

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