Macrotrends 2020 : The Resilience Movement Webinar
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The Resilience Movement Webinar

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The Future Laboratory co-founder Chris Sanderson explores our three macrotrends in a new 60-minute webinar

This year, our three macrotrends – Uncoupled Living, Resilience Culture and Programmable Realities – explore how resilience is needed to make our brands more agile, living alone more empowering, and the ways in which we shape reality more complex, flexible and multi-faceted.

The Future Laboratory co-founder Chris Sanderson explores our three new macrotrends in our first ever 60-minute webinar. The on-demand webinar features a keynote presentation that can be shared with your team, getting them up to speed with the key trends, practical insights and case studies from our global macrotrends of 2020.

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During the insight-filled webinar, we will introduce you to:

: Resilience Culture

We have been living in a state of self-censorship, hyper-safe spaces and comfort-zone culture, nestling among the people, platforms, places and behaviours that make us feel like one of the crowd.

But this bubble-wrapped existence hasn’t worked. Self-care has turned into a social media performance, our responsibilities are outsourced to technology, and young people avoid social situations in favour of the safety of home. Yet anxiety and personal dissatisfaction remain prevalent – and people are pressing for urgent change.

Learn how to equip yourself with the tools to thrive in the age of self-censorship.

: Programmable Realities

The cognitive separation between the real and virtual realms is becoming far less pronounced. Advances in mixed-reality technologies, combined with the power of machine learning, are extending our experience of reality in a much more meaningful way. At the same time, reactive new materials and technologies are allowing real objects to replicate with ease the ever-changing nature of the digital sphere.

Prepare for a future in which our consumer touchpoints are no longer set in stone or any other solid matter.

: Uncoupled Living

For centuries, society has been structured around the concept of the married couple, or coupling, with single people discriminated against, stigmatised and stereotyped.

But with marriage rates in decline and more people living alone, eating alone and purchasing for one,being single is no longer considered an anomaly. In fact, it’s become liberating, with positive singledom driving not only ashift in perception but also a greater diversity of relationships in the modern era.

Find out what this means for your products and services.

: Front cover of Aesthetica magazine, February / March issue. Photography by Matias Alonso Revelli
: Microsoft rebranding by Microsoft and Tendril
: Culture Calendar, Klarna by Snask Studio

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