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In the Press : October


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5 November 2019

Author: The Future Laboratory

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In October: Workplace Futures report for Nespresso on FMJ; Gen Z & The Fast Fashion Paradox on Refinery29; Martin Raymond shares insight with BBC Future; FashionUnited announce Belgian PR agency Nightingale and CBD: Everything you need to know in Vogue Italia.

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Facilities Management Journal

Workplace Futures report: In 2030 workspaces will become sentinent spaces and slo-working to optimise performance and wellbeing

By 2030 we will see dramatic change as office design creates hyper-flexible, human-centric spaces to inspire new levels of productivity, according to theWorkplace Futures report by Nespresso Professional and The Future Laboratory. The experts interviewed for Workplace Futures outline that future workspaces will adapt to its inhabitants and become Sentinent Spaces which serve to optimise a workers’ performance, sharpen their focus and encourage conviviality.

The Future Laboratory co founder, Martin Raymond said: “Digital transformation over the last ten years has changed how we work, but workspaces have failed to keep up. These next-generation tools aren’t just faster, they are smarter and more collaborative, allowing us to work in real time over greater distances. They will fundamentally change the role of traditional workplaces.’ Read the full article on FMJ here.

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Illustration from article on Refinery29


Generation Z & The Fast Fashion Paradox

"Resale sites like Depop have grown to mammoth proportions because of this generation’s interest in streetwear and 'drop' culture," says Rhiannon McGregor, a foresight writer at The Future Laboratory. "Even at a young age, they’re business savvy and are approaching the resale market not only as a means to access the latest coveted item but increasingly so that they can become curators and independent retailers in their own right." Caroline worries that selling clothes on Depop simply fuels the appetite to buy more – but the fact that Gen Z is at least open to buying pre-worn is promising. Read the full article on Refinery29.

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British Airways


Will wi-fi change how airlines keep us entertained above the clouds?

So what does the future hold for air travellers? Malleable HD screens that can bend, and 3D or virtual reality environments are all currently being looked into. For instance, Transavia airline has recently started testing Oculus Rift headsets in the air, offering them to passengers flying from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to Barcelona.

And soon we may have holographic screens on board to talk to loved ones hundreds of miles away, and even use special gloves to touch them.

Sounds far-fetched? These technologies are “already with us,” says Martin Raymond, co-founder of The Future Laboratory that teamed up with travel search engine Skyscanner to produce “Future of Travel 2024 Report”. Prototypes exist – “hugely expensive now, but expected to fall in price as they hit the mass market,” says Raymond. Read the full article on the BBC Future.

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Fashion United

Belgian PR agency Nightingale opens permanent location in Amsterdam

After two pop-up concepts, Nightingale is now permanently settling on the Lauriergracht in Amsterdam. The Belgian PR agency reports this in a press release. The PR agency's portfolio includes Herschel, The Future Laboratory, UNU, Parkland, Save the Duck, Intimissimi and Calzedonia. Read the full article on Fashion United.

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Vogue Italia

CBD: Everything you need to know

"The search for the word CBD is now four times higher than that of THC, according to Google Trends," notes Victoria Buchanan, senior analyst at strategic research agency The Future Laboratory. These are the statistics that are driving the CBD trend in cosmetics. "With the growing popularity of cannabidiol and hemp oil as ingredients in skincare and wellness treatments, brands are adopting a more sophisticated and specific aesthetic that is better suited to the luxury market," says Buchanan. Read the full article on Vogue Italia.

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