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In the Press : March


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10 April 2019

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Myro, US


In March: How jewellery bloggers need to diversify in the Financial Times, consumers demand clean beauty in Vogue, AI needs to encourage human in-store interaction in Retail Customer Experience, and The Future Laboratory comments on luxury re-usable bottles in The Telegraph.


Financial Times

Financial Times  

Influencers future-proof businesses as scepticism grows

The Financial Times quotes our deputy foresight editor Kathryn Bishop in its recent piece on growing mistrust in Instagram jewellery influencers. Kathryn highlights the difference between being an influencer for a fast fashion brand and for a heritage brand, which is ‘not an easy feat’. Read the full article here.

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Vogue UK

Vogue Business

Stores get smart about AI

Rachael Stott, our senior creative researcher, is mentioned in Vogue Business commenting on the future of AI in store experiences. Read the full article here.

Vogue UK

Clean Beauty: Everything You Need To Know

Senior futures analyst Victoria Buchanan is quoted in Vogue’s article about clean beauty, emphasising consumers’ new-found vigilance in scrutinising the ingredients of the products they use on their skin. Read the full article here.

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Glamour UK


The vegan revolution is coming for your shoe cupboard! Here’s how to get involved like Meghan Markle

Glamour magazine spoke to our senior creative researcher Rachael Stott about the increase in vegans, and vegan products in the UK. ‘42% of vegans in the UK are aged 15–34 so Generation Z is a key driving force in this movement.’ Read the full article here.

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Vegan Fashion Week to tackle industry challenges

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Why protein needs a New Masculinity rebranding:

Retail Customer Experience

Retail Customer Experience

How AR, AI play into delivering a personalised shopping journey

Retail Consumer Experience turned to insights from our senior partner Tom Savigar about the ways in which AR and AI will feature in future retail experiences. Tom says: ‘Customers want to be engaged through human interaction rather than the theatrics of light and sound, so retailers would do well to create community events and use data to offer personalised in-store experiences.’ Read the full article here.

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Travel Trade Gazette (TTG)

Tapping into the travel trends of tomorrow

Travel Trade Gazette spoke to our Foresight writer Holly Friend about some of the most recent trends in air travel. Drawing on a combination of insights from Holly’s research and data from our inight platform LS:N Global, Travel Trade Gazette breaks down trends in air travel, accommodation and destinations. Read the full article here.

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Panasonic aims to improve wellness for air travellers

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The Telegraph

The Telegraph

Is a re-usable water bottle 2019’s answer to the It-bag?

The Telegraph weighed in on the increasing trend of high-end luxury re-usable bottles, quoting our senior futures analyst Victoria Buchanan. ‘It’s a great step for more conscious consumption especially in light of the recent plastic scandal, but ultimately the luxury bottles are just designed as a form of virtue signalling.’ Read the full article here.

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