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31 July 2019

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Automotive Trend Visuals by Foam Studio for BASF


In July: Why it’s time to get out of your comfort zone in The Times; What will our world look like in 20 years? by Glamour; Kombucha 2.0 in Daily Telegraph; The future of luxury for our pets, Daily Star; Has the wellness movement killed clubbing? by Dazed Digital

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The Times

Positive discomfort: Why it’s time to get out of your comfort zone

Why on earth endure that, you may well ask. After all, isn’t this the age of self-care, where, if you’d rather spend the evening with Netflix, a nice red and a Deliveroo, then so you should, right? Wrong, according to the trend forecasting agency the Future Laboratory, which, in a recent briefing, highlighted the concept of “positive discomfort”. Kathryn Bishop, deputy foresight editor at the agency, describes it as the “reframing of that uncomfortable feeling as something that is good for us”, and adds that recent studies have shown that discomfort can be a stimulus for growth and strength. Read the full article here.

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Project 1 by EAV and New Territory


What will the world look like in 20 years’ time? We asked the top trend forecasters and their answers were fascinating

According to The Future Laboratory’s Future Forecast 2019 report, “a cluster of start-ups are using AI and data to help consumers build smarter wardrobes. For example Finery, a fashion site designed to get you organised and styled in the clothes you already love, was created to help users get more out of their wardrobes. “Through machine learning, it suggests outfit combinations, using the shopping habits of other users and a database of more than 1.5m blogger images of tagged outfits for reference. The platform also becomes smarter over time, taking into account what is already in users’ wardrobes to offer novel combinations,” says The Future Laboratory. Read the full article here.

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Yesfolk fermented tonics, New York

Daily Telegraph

Kombucha 2.0: why you're going to be hearing a lot about koji, kvass, and tempeh

The food and drink industry – never one to miss a bandwagon – has been searching for more gut-friendly wares, and according to independent research by the Future Laboratory for Amazon, it may have found it. The research found that koji (a Japanese fungus used to ferment soybeans), kvass (a Slavic kombucha alternative rich in B vitamins), Jun tea (kombucha 2.0, it's fermented with green tea and honey rather than black tea and sugar), and tempeh (cultured and fermented soybean chunks, like tofu) are set to be the kombucha's of tomorrow. Read the full article here. 

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Boo Oh, US

Daily Star

Star Paws: Whine and dine as pets live the high life

This summer looks to be no different, as Amazon's Summer Trends Report in collaboration with The Future Laboratory predicts that they will be spoiled more than ever. Pets will be living the high life as owners replace the traditional dog beds with luxury teepees and pamper their pooches with pet-icures. Read the full article here

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WHP19, created by Studio Moross & Nic Hamilton

Dazed Digital

Has the wellness movement killed clubbing as we know it?

According to The Future Laboratory’s senior futures analyst Victoria Buchanan, this is only just the beginning. “We expect that future socialising will be much more about getting to a deeper place. So we’ll see club spaces pushing even further into the health and wellbeing arena to encompass sustainability, learning and more sensorial experiences. Read the full article here.

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