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In the Press : January


In January: Will we use scent to alleviate anxiety? The revival of aromatherapy in Stylist magazine; digital fashion brings greater sustainability in Drapers; the workplace of the future in Azure magazine; and gyms get holistic in The Guardian.

Aromtherapy now ticks both beauty and wellness boxes, via Stylist


2019 is the year aromatherapy will make a comeback – but why the resurgence?

Jessica Smith, creative researcher at The Future Laboratory, discusses developments in neuroscience that will enable fragrance companies to innovate scents that can be used daily to combat rising anxiety levels. ‘In 2016 we saw the beauty industry break free from the confines of cosmetics and skincare to take its place in the modern wellness pantheon.’ Read the full article on Stylist here

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adDRESS The Future in collaboration with PERL.WWW, Carlings


Retail's new digital toolbox

Foresight writer Rhiannon McGregor spoke to Drapers about the value of digital sustainability in the future of the fashion industry. ‘Consumers in 2019 [will] become much more attuned to enjoying digital ephemera.’ Read the full article on Drapers here

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Flexible co-working zones at Perenco’s office in London, via Azure Magazine


What does the office of tomorrow look like?

The Future Laboratory collaborated with architecture firm MoreySmith to imagine the workplace of 2025. ‘The goal: anticipating future labour-force realities to get employers thinking about the need for [and value of] ‘conscientious workplace design’.’ Read the full Azure article here

Download the full Workplace report here

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Digital Zoo/Getty Images, via The Guardian

The Guardian

Mind, body and soul: the rise of the holistic wellness makeover

The Guardian speaks to The Future Laboratory’s strategic researcher Victoria Buchanan about the increasing number of fitness clubs and brands incorporating wellness into their practice. ‘Brands like Equinox fitness club have integrated mindfulness practices into classes as well as employing sleep coaches for members.’ Read the full article here

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