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In the Press : February


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28 February 2019

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: RUN IT Version 2.0 by Nike Korea


In February: Plant-based burger start-ups tackle the masculinity of meat in Fast Company; luxury consumers become conscious shoppers in Drapers; how the men’s make-up market is growing in Dazed Digital; and Bauer Media Australia launches a new lifestyle series featured by WWD and Ad News.

Impossible Foods, Frantysek/iStock, eugenesergeev/iStock

Fast Company 

Can plant-based burger start-ups reframe the masculinity of meat?

Carla Seipp, writer at The Future Laboratory, was featured in a Fast Company article that explored the relationship between masculinity, meat and its potential substitutes. ‘With almost half (46%) of Americans believing that plant-based protein sources are healthier than their animal-based counterparts, according to Mintel, could it be that it’s not a lack of demand or interest among men, so much as shame that has so far stagnated their interest in plant-based proteins?’ Read the full article on Fast Company here.

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Ripe for meme-ification: this day gown by Emma Wickstead

The Guardian 

What does it meme? The rise and rise of the fashion viral

LS:N Global foresight writer Holly Friend is quoted in The Guardian in an article exploring meme culture and fashion. “Designer brands are gradually realising they must lose their haughty image if they want to sell their clothes to a generation consumed by the internet,”. Read the full Guardian article here.

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Will doxxing destroy your brand?

Social media music

Backlash Brands

Walpole luxury summit 0258


Lessons in luxury: seven subjects setting the sector abuzz

Our art director Aleksandra Szymanska was mentioned in Drapers, noting our Uneasy Affluence macrotrend. Millennial luxury shoppers are responding to changing attitudes to wealth by becoming more conscious consumers and developing a preference for purpose-driven brands. Read the full article on Drapers here.

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A new marketplace for unbranded luxury goods 


Robyn Lynch AW19photography Charlie Gates

Dazed Digital

Is the rise of male make-up a sign of a new era of masculinity?

Dazed Digital uses The Future Laboratory’s reports to understand the reformation of masculinity, giving way to a burgeoning men’s make-up market. Read the full Dazed Digital article here.

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Chris Sanderson at Bauer Media Australia via

Women's Wear Daily (WWD)

Bauer Media Australia to launch New Gen Z fashion magazine and lifestyle TV series

The Future Laboratory co-founder Chris Sanderson presented a trend forecasting session at a lunch hosted by Bauer Media Australia at the Carriageworks. Read the full WWD article here.

If you're interested in booking one of our In-house Presentations, visit our website:

The Future of Youth

New Masculinity

Retail Futures 


Sharewear by Atacac

Fashion Beans

The Future of Shopping

Fashion Beans speaks to Rachel Stott, senior creative researcher for LS:N Global, about upcoming trends in fashion and artificial intelligence. 'Physical retailers recognise that they need to offer a comparable experience to e-commerce,' Stott says. 'And that’s where we will increasingly see artificial intelligence most effectively used. Using consumer data profiling and facial recognition systems, we’ll start to see retailers use artificial intelligence to suggest hyper-personalised products, services, and discounts when a customer steps into a store, as they will have a wealth of data and knowledge about that individual’s preferences and behaviours'. Read the full article on Fashion Beans here.

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Immaterial Fashion



Ad News Australia

Bauer launches new publication, goes deeper into events

The Future Laboratory produced research for Bauer Media Australia to help it understand the state of luxury and affluence. This research has prompted initiatives, such as its Live Life Luxe content series, which features the lives of creative couples sharing their take on mindful living. Read the full Ad News article here.

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Subconscious Commerce

The State of Luxury: USA

The notion of luxury has become meaningless


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