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In the Press : December


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19 December 2019

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Photography by Kristopher Roller


In December: Meet the brands leading a revolution in the beauty industry on Family Traveller; Workspaces to undergo further change in order to deal with burnout on The Irish Times; Cosmetics Business forecasts 5 Global Beauty Trends of 2020 in new report and Marriott to open 30 luxury hotels in 2020 on Business Traveller.  

Naïf Circular Scrub

Family Traveller

Meet the brands leading a revolution in the beauty industry

Until now. Cue a plethora of cosmetic and wellness innovators who think it’s time that power was returned to the purchaser, and that consumers should once again be considered. It’s an attitude that chimes with a new generation of beauty devotees who, thanks to living in a digital age, have limitless access to information, making them a more informed and, by extension, demanding customer. Compared to previous generations who championed brand loyalty, and quite possibly bought all of their skincare and cosmetics from a one-stop department store beauty hall, today’s savvy shoppers are happy to buy from various outlets, both on the high street and online. Consequently, many of the traditional beauty brands need to seriously rethink everything from product development to marketing, and to apply the principles of more pioneering beauty brands to their own business models. Here’s why…

‘There is a growing trend for skincare to mimic dermatological and surgical results, for those who want a smoother facial appearance, but without the syringe,’ says Victoria Buchanan, researcher at The Future Laboratory. This appetite has meant the conditions were perfect for Boston-based brand Patchology to launch its range of stick-on, skin-infusing patches back in 2014. 

The science is simple and employs single-use patches to flood the skin with active ingredients, such as salicylic acid to help shrink blemishes and hyaluronic acid to plump fine lines. Read the full article on the Family Traveller here.

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Elite Hotel by ECAL

The Irish Times

Workspaces to undergo further change in order to deal with burnout

Our workspaces have seen a significant change in recent years and, according to a recent report, they are due to keep changing in order to deal with the burnout experienced by the current workforce. Think hotel lobby meets your own back yard, it’s far from a kettle, toaster and a mini fridge we are now.

“Now it’s about a kind of a mixed bag, where you have a lot of booths appearing again, small rooms, breakout areas, huddle points rather than everybody working in those big open-plan offices,” says The Future Laboratory co-founder Martin Raymond. Read the full article on The Irish Times.

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Minuet cosmetics, Barcelona

Cosmetics Business

Cosmetics Business forecasts 5 Global Beauty Trends of 2020 in new report

As we enter 2020, the start of a new decade, the beauty industry must prepare to take on its biggest role yet. The expectations on brands across all sectors are growing greater, but within beauty, consumers have raised the bar for everything from efficacy to ethics, and in the year ahead, their demands will evolve even further.

Jessica Smith, Senior Creative Researcher at The Future Laboratory, explains: “In 2020, the beauty industry will be defined by its contributions to society, whether through actions to help the environment or messages of empowerment." Read the full article on Cosmetics Business.

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Business Traveller

Marriott to open 30 luxury hotels in 2020

Marriott has announced plans to open more than 30 luxury properties next year.

Marriott said it had worked with trend forecasters The Future Laboratory and identified a new genre of traveller, the “Purposeful Luxurian”. This group wants to “affect positive change” and views travel as a way to improve their physical and mental wellbeing, as well as do good – but, presumably, in a luxury setting. “We are defining the future of luxury travel by creating the real, rare and personal experiences this new Purposeful Luxurian craves,” said Tina Edmundson, head of Marriott’s luxury portfolio. Read the full article on Business Traveller.

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