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In the Press : August


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2 September 2019

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Clare


In August: The power of being single for The Times; What is the future of dating apps? by Dazed;  The Dark Side of High-Tech Skin Care by Allure; Molton Brown reveals the Fragrance Finder by The Moodie Davitt Report; and Bespoke Beauty by Glamour.


The Times

You don’t want a partner, you love living alone and you don’t date: you thought it was just you, but it’s not. Welcome to the single-positive revolution

I am, according to the forecasters, “single-positive” — along with a growing number of happy singles, singledom is my choice. No need for sympathy, smug marrieds, I’m finally validated. I’m trending. “There has been an attitudinal shift,” reads the Future Laboratory’s recent briefing on the Uncoupled Society. “For some, singledom is not a state that they long to be out of, but a lifestyle choice with benefits. Family and marriage are no longer the primary focal relationships for consumers.” It cites Euromonitor’s prediction that by 2030 single-person households will see faster growth than any other household type globally. Read the full article on The Times.

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In an age of fluidity will apps need to be so specific? Will Instagram open a dating feature? Will we even use them at all in ten years?

According to Holly Friend, at forecasting agency The Future Laboratory, Harrison is pretty representative of teenagers today. Among internet-raised Gen Y and Z, we’re seeing a kickback against interaction in the virtual space, she explains. “The ethos of younger generations is really centred around the idea of having real-life experiences when it comes to dating,” says Friend. “People want a bit of serendipity put back into the dating experience, like before apps existed, when you would meet someone in a club or bar.” Read the full article on Dazed Digital.

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Illustration by Brittany Theophilus


The Dark Side of High-Tech Skin Care

The market for these perfection-driven tools is only set to grow as our notion of what's beautiful continues to evolve along the lines of our hyper-filtered selfie culture. By 2020, the beauty-device category is expected to be worth $12.8 billion, according to Research and Markets."These tools drive an algorithmic definition of beauty that is less about embracing diversity and individuality and more about trying to attain a certain type of beauty ideal," explains Victoria Buchanan, a senior futures analyst at the Future Laboratory, a global foresight consultancy firm. Read the full article on Allure. 

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The Moodie Davitt Report

Molton Brown reinvents its perfume experience with ‘Fragrance Finder’ interactive profiling tool

Molton Brown has partnered with trends and insights agency The Future Laboratory to create an interactive profiling tool that pairs customers’ personalities with their perfect fragrances.

The new ‘Fragrance Finder’ tool will be launched online and in selected World Duty Free counters in Heathrow Terminal 3 and Terminal 5, as well as Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal on 28 August. More locations will be rolled out in the near future. Read the full article here

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Bespoke beauty has arrived. Your guide to making your own skincare, perfume and makeup

We love a monogrammed accessory, but when it comes to bespoke personalisation, it’s the beauty world that’s winning in innovation for 2019. “Clever tech means mass customisation is now regularly achievable, and there’s a trend for products and services that put you at the centre of things,” says Chris Sanderson, cofounder of trend-forecasting hub The Future Laboratory. Read the full article on Glamour.

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