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12 May 2020

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: The Wait for Atelier Avéus. Imagery by Six N Five


In April: we explore beauty packaging for Vogue, how working habits are driving hotel design in OnOffice, the post-Covid-19 ‘new normal and TikTok's antidote to isolation for Stylist

Parc de la Distance by studio Precht


Life after coronavirus: experts predict what our ‘new normal’ will be

The implications of office workers no longer needing to flood into the centre of cities like London and Manchester every day could be huge. Adam Steel, a senior strategic foresight writer at trend forecaster The Future Laboratory, says that it could even be an opportunity to “reboot suburbia, rural villages and the countryside”.

“Big city offices would be used less, and could become more like flagship stores or flagship offices, which employees might visit a few times a year for whole-company events,” he says. “Businesses may then shift to having smaller, flexible office spaces, or sections of co-working spaces dotted around the country in a far more distributed way.” Read the full article on Stylist here.

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Are Refills The Future Of Beauty Packaging?

“Luxury beauty packaging has long been dictated by rules of aesthetics and practicality,” says Daniela Walker, a beauty researcher at strategic foresight consultancy at The Future Laboratory. “A product needed to be functionally packaged, but also had to feel luxurious in weight, texture and tone. As a result, the sustainability of the packaging was often an afterthought.” Not anymore. So what’s the answer to this rather overwhelming problem? Could refills really be it? Read the full article on Vogue here. 

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Body Shop refill station, London
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How our working habits are driving modern hotel design

As the activities people expect in a hotel grow to incorporate leisure, wellbeing and retail, venues will start to differentiate by catering to certain sectors or niches within consumers. This is something private members’ clubs are already doing, with offerings based on a specific sector, gender or ideology – for instance with The Wing, designed for women or The Conduit, based around innovation, as well as Studiopepe’s “secret club” Club Unseen at Milan’s Salone del Mobile. Increasingly, hospitality will do this in a more holistic sense, “where it’s increasingly about attitude,” says Martin Raymond, co-founder of futures consultancy, The Future Laboratory. “We’re starting to see clubs that cut across age groups, sectors and professions, being about liking the culture of live music, the concept of conversation or debate, and the clubs are becoming more open and democratic.” Read the full article at OnOffice here. 

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Wait A Sec to Reflect by TikTok


TikTok has exploded in popularity – is it the perfect antidote to isolation?

Without the pressure to create original content, curate a perfect interiors aesthetic or show what a #girlboss you are, TikTok is unique because it’s all about “celebrating normality”, says Holly Friend, a youth trends expert at The Future Laboratory. “You’re almost encouraged to try and fail, whether it’s at something like singing or dancing or whatever – which is very different to a platform like Instagram, where the focus is pro-succeeding.” Read the full article on Stylist.

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