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20 September 2019

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Co-existe by Six n. Five


This week: A high-tech facial bar, living in the age of anxiety, Nike empowers young girls, holistic Parisian skincare, and Outer Reach encourages active recovery.

Fig by Scott & Scott Architects, Vancouver

1. Fig is a high-tech facial bar for clean beauty

Vancouver – Fig offers innovative facial treatments backed by science, technology and a commitment to clean ingredients.

The skincare bar bills itself as the world’s first express destination for clean injections and high-tech beauty treatments – all administered in 30 minutes or less. These include wrinkle-relaxing injections using Xeomin, a neuromodulator generally considered to be purer than Botox; vitamin injections blending B12, minerals and amino acids; and results-driven facials using clean, top-tier ingredients and premier technology.

The highly designed space has been conceived to ensure both comfort and privacy, with treatments taking place in one of three pods that feature Japanese barber chairs and full-height velvet curtains. Throughout, calming shades of green colour the space and its fittings, including a curved shelving system that incorporates a product display, a wash basin and seating. By departing from clinical design cues and elevating convenience, Fig reflects the changing face of Modern Med Spas.

Consider Falling by Sarah Howe, On Edge: Living in an Age of Anxiety, London

2. The Science Gallery explores the age of anxiety

London – A new exhibition at London’s Science Gallery will consider causes and responses to anxiety through the lens of art, design, psychology and neuroscience.

Bringing together the perspectives of artists, scientists and young people, On Edge: Living in an Age of Anxiety questions the ways in which we react to and experience anxiety. The exhibition draws on research from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s College London and includes a number of new commissions by artists working in collaboration with researchers from the university.

Featured artworks cover topics such as the relationship between sleep and anxiety, what it means to share in the digital age, and how the urban environment affects our psychological state. ‘We aim to open up a critical conversation about the causes of and responses to anxiety in contemporary society,’ explains curator-producer Mette Kjærgaard Præst. ‘On Edge makes visible the possible connections between individual experiences and the wider societal conditions that frame them.’

To learn how Generation Z are turning anxiety into action, read our Anxiety Rebellion macrotrend.

You're It, Nike

3. Nike invites young athletes to push their limits

Global – Nike’s You’re It campaign is a rallying cry to young girls to push their performance limits.

The ad by Wieden + Kennedy features high-speed animations and vivid visual effects that transform the protagonists into a supercharged version of themselves. The campaign, which features young female athletes from around the world, positions tagging as a source of power that emboldens kids to reach their full potential in sports like diving, tennis, skateboarding and dance. In a statement, Wieden + Kennedy explained that the campaign is about ‘creating a powerful sisterhood that’s fuelled by movement’.

The tv ad is accompanied by a digital game of tag that invites people to show their sporting skills over Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, before passing on the challenge to someone else by declaring ‘you’re it’. Visitors to the campaign’s microsite will also find a series of gamified YouTube workouts and online movement rewards in the form of downloadable GIFs.

Fitness brands are creating campaigns specifically targeted at young girls in order to keep them engaged in sport at a time when they might otherwise turn their back on it. As a result a host of new fitness spaces are emerging that are designed with tweens in mind.

4. Holidermie targets skincare from inside and out

Paris – The French beauty brand takes a holistic approach to beauty with its range of nutricosmetics products.

Holidermie is breaking new ground in beauty with synergistic products that support the internal functioning of the epidermis, while targeting external aggressors that affect the skin, such as oxidative stresses. The line combines nutritional supplements with topical beauty and anti-ageing cosmetics, which are formulated to work together.

Covering lifestyle, exercise, nutritional and sleep habits, the brand uses a questionnaire to help determine which supplements and products are appropriate for customers. In addition to its range of nutricosmetics, Holidermie has also developed unique application techniques with a facial massage and exercise programme.

With beauty brands increasingly embracing health and wellness, the Total Beauty Market is continuing to grow and evolve.

Holidermie, Paris
Outer Reach, New York

5. Outer Reach is a stretch studio for sedentary lifestyles

New York – The studio in New York City‘s Tribeca neighbourhood is designed to increase the kinaesthetic awareness of busy urbanites.

Founded by ex-fashion industry workers Aimee Cho and Alex Drexler, Outer Reach is a holistic wellness studio that incorporates bodywork, breathing, postural alignment and myofascial release (a manual therapy technique that helps to release contracted muscles) to tackle the physical and emotional stress that comes from living and working in the city.

While stretching is typically considered a passive, post-workout activity, the studio encourages one-on-one stretching in order to reconnect people with their bodies and optimise their everyday movements. As well as offering a program of both individual and group classes, Outer Reach features a series of videos to allow time-pressed consumers to stretch at home.

Pushing forward the concept of Active Recovery, the studio is demonstrating how we will adopt a slower approach to wellness and our optimise our bodies in years to come.

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