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This week: Youthforia places fun at the fore of beauty, trigger-free treats, Four Seasons’ hybrid event future, DHL prioritises accessibility, and rinse and re-use takeaway packaging.

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16 April 2021

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Youthforia, US


Youthforia, US

1. Youthforia’s make-up embraces the pleasure revolution

US – Cosmetics brand Youthforia is reclaiming the fun associated with applying make-up and appealing to a sense of hedonism emerging in the inter-Covid period.

It claims its plant-based products are ‘safe enough to sleep in’, reflecting the brand’s core values that cosmetics should be good for the skin, while removing any worries about taking make-up off after spending time with friends. Launching with a colour-changing blush oil, a range of hydrating lip glosses and magnetic make-up organisers, each of Youthforia’s products reflect its tagline: ‘Life’s messy, but your makeup isn’t’.

Catering for the sustainable mindsets of younger generations, the brand’s products are also bio-based, featuring at least 90% renewable ingredients and avoiding commonly used fossil fuels. Meanwhile, Youthforia’s design cues appeal to the Gen Viz aesthetics preferred by Generation Z consumers.

As younger demographics continue to shun the cult of busyness, such brands will appeal to consumers who are shifting their focus from enhancement to enjoyment.

Belli Welli, Los Angeles

2. Belli Welli’s gut health snacks are also indulgent treats

Los Angeles – The snack brand's range is designed to meet the needs of people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or other gut health issues.

Belli Welli’s products avoid common aggravators such as gluten, dairy and sugar alcohols, and are made from plant-based ingredients and contain probiotics. The range was launched with four snack bars in bold flavours – Fudge Brownie, Mint Chocolate, Cinnamon Swirl and Lemon White Chocolate – resulting in a health-conscious yet indulgent snack.

A sense of indulgence also extends to Belli Welli's packaging and brand identity, with colourful, holographic wrapping that steers away from conventional health food branding. The snacks’ square shape tunes in to being a convenient quick fix, while the brand’s language, such as tagline ‘Probiotics in a brownie instead of a pill’, makes it relatable to its target audience.

As we explore in Total Tastes, food brands are tapping into health concerns in a way that balances both flavour and functionality.

Meetings, Reimagined: Hybrid Meetings by Four Season

3. Four Seasons’ phygital meets connect global attendees

Global – International hotel chain Four Seasons is enhancing meeting and event experiences for its guests, catering to both in-person and remote attendees.

The chain’s Hybrid Meetings concept future-proofs conferences, galas and events using audiovisual technology, flexible interiors and versatile catering options. Rolled out across Four Seasons’ hotels and resorts, Hybrid Events offers a multi-broadcast studio – a professional environment for hosting large scale virtual conferences or webcasts – alongside its Hub & Spoke meetings, which can connect multiple Four Seasons venues to create a single event. In some cases, guests attending remotely can also receive Four Seasons dining services delivered to their door.

‘Hybrid Meetings offer the service excellence, innovation and creativity that Four Seasons is known for, while elevating the safety and care required to bring people together in the current environment,’ explains Ben Trodd, senior vice president, sales and hotel marketing at Four Seasons.

With hospitality venues increasingly adopting immersive technologies, Media-tels are going mainstream in their offer of experiential events.

4. DHL delivers accessibility with AI

UK – Courier company DHL is catering for shoppers' accessibility needs through a partnership with artificial intelligence (AI) messaging platform HelloDone.

The initiative allows people with disabilities to contact DHL’s UK couriers through messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, communicating any accessibility adjustments that might need to be made during the delivery process. This includes a Just a Minute option that tells drivers they may need to wait longer than usual when delivering a parcel. Another option lets customer suggest an accessible safe place for parcels to be left if they’re not available to accept the delivery.

‘Customers with disabilities and other impairments are continually faced with undignified and challenging delivery experiences,’ says Sean Sherwin-Smith, general manager of post purchase at HelloDone. ‘This disparity in the post-purchase journey has never been more apparent than during the pandemic, with more and more of us shopping online for goods and services.’

This initiative showcases how e-commerce and logistics services can cater for all consumers’ needs, building on the examples explored in the Accessible Retail Market.

HelloDone and DHL Parcel UK
Street Food Box, UK

5. Re-usable takeaway boxes that challenge mindsets

UK – Street Food Box is a re-usable packaging innovation in response to the need for more sustainable on-the-go food containers.

While most consumers are accustomed to recycling or tossing out takeaway packaging, the box, created by White Bear Studio, focuses on re-usability. It is made from a patented polypropylene called PRIPLAK – a non-toxic material that is both recyclable and re-usable – and bears the strapline ‘Eat, Rinse, Sleep, Repeat', spelling out its offer as a packaging alternative.

Its logo takes inspiration from recognisable recycling symbols, instead reflecting its ability to be washed and used again. In this way, the product provides an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional packaging, while raising awareness of the importance of looking beyond recycling as a sustainable option. Street Food Box can also be printed with customised branding and colours, making it available to other food retailers.

In our Eco To Go microtrend, we share the packaging innovators providing alternatives to single-use food containers.


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