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This week: The first digitised nation, new reproductive health services for womxn employees, theatrical dining experiences, an app taking the heat out of divorce, and The Future Laboratorys most anticipated report of the year. 



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9 December 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: The First Digital Nation by Tuvalu


The First Digital Nation by Tuvalu

1. Climate change pushes Tuvalu to become first digitised nation

Tuvalu – This low-lying Pacific nation, under threat from rapid sea level rises, wants to ensure its future, even after its land is washed away. It is turning to the metaverse for what it refers to as a digital migration of an entire country as it expects to be under water in a matter of decades.

This year Simon Kofe, the Minister for Justice, Communication and Foreign Affairs of Tuvalu, arrived at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) with a different message: that it is time to look at alternative solutions to save his country, highlighted in the Future Now Project – a proactive stance towards the worst-case scenario.

‘The world’s inaction means that our Pacific region must take greater action and forge our own path as leaders on the international stage, but our action alone cannot stop the current trajectory of climate change,’ said Kofe of the plan to seek digital sovereignty in order to preserve its culture, place, identity and statehood status under international law. The government of Tuvalu intends to build digital replicas of all of Tuvalu’s islands: an accurate, visually immersive virtual model of a real-world environment. The project is also one of the first to explore digital government and sovereignty.


2. Channel 4 partners with Hertility for employee health assessments 

UK – The broadcasting network is the first in the industry to launch a health service for womxn employees.

In a partnership with renowned health specialists Hertility, the broadcaster will offer workers access to NHS-approved reproductive health and hormone testing. The assessment, which can be completed at home, will screen for 18 different health conditions, including polycystic ovaries and endometriosis, as well as biological indicators of menopause. The test could show why someone might be struggling to conceive or could explain how a hormonal imbalance is affecting a person's wellbeing.

In addition to the assessment, employees also have the opportunity to engage in a series of educational workshops, all of which are centred on reproductive and hormonal wellbeing.
Channel 4 continues to demonstrate its position as a pioneer and leader in progressive workplace benefits. In 2019, the company introduced the UK’s first dedicated Menopause Policy, followed by the Parents & Carers Policy in 2020. More recently, the media brand launched a Pregnancy Loss Policy and Fertility Workplace Pledge. 

#ThisIsFamily by Studio Blvd for River Island, UK
Doña. Photography by Jamie Noise, UK

3. Doña’s Christmas cocktails offer diners a theatrical experience

London – Mezcal and music bar Doña is showcasing its extensive list of small-batch, artisanal and rare mezcals with a new winter menu and theatrical events calendar. With A Nativitaaaay Spectacular, the bar is tapping into Extreme Experiences to entice drinkers to explore the culture and community that London has to offer.

Doña, which opened in 2019, has carefully curated its mezcals based on the shared ethos of ethics, quality and mission of each producer. With its pink interiors and lavish setting, the aim of the bar is to create a vibrant and artistic safe space in a traditionally male industry. For the winter season the bar is being transformed into a theatre every evening from 19–23 December, when visitors can choose between a range of diverse cultural performances, from spoken word poetry to cabaret. Highlighting the importance of feminine energy in the art, the cocktail menu features concoctions made from women-run mezcal brands and those named after cultural icons such as the co-founder of Pussy Riot, Nadya Tolokonnikova.

Understand the need to offer consumers more than just a place to eat and drink. Amid a cost of living crisis, Doña is offering escapism by infusing its festive menu with hedonistic experiences, while supporting small-batch Modern Mezcals.

Photography by Pixabay

4. Onward app tackles finance for divorced parents

US – As family finance app Onward raises £7.9m ($9.7m, €9.2m) in Series A funding this autumn, it highlights a market for products that target less traditional family structures.

With about 37% of US marriages ending in divorce, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics, Onward founder Jacklyn Rome hopes the app will take some of the heat out of divorce, co-parenting and finance. Its mission is focused on ‘improving the lives of co-parents and creating happier homes for the next generation’.

The app aims to reduce friction in communication between co-parents, and makes it easier to see who owes whom and to pay one another back. It also keeps a record of all expenses history for children, pets and other shared expenditure.

Onward wants to build a strong and uplifting consumer brand to empower co-parents in their next stage of life. ‘We’re determined to continue to build products that reduce friction in their lives and deliver social impact by enabling them to be better parents to the next generation,’ adds Rome. 

Future Forecast 2023 by The Future Laboratory

5. Now Available : Future Forecast 2023 Report and Webinar 

Following a tumultuous year, 2023 looks to celebrate the innovation that has continued to prevail, the innovators and innovations that disrupt sectors and the trends that provide them with the headwinds of change to do so.

At The Future Laboratory, we have been documenting wave after wave of disruption as innovators take on the challenges that are designed to make tomorrow different, but crucially, to make it better and more regenerative.

This year's Future Forecast 2023 collection features a PDF trend report and access to a 30-minute webinar. Within this, you’ll discover 50 cross-sector trends and innovations, a series of viewpoint interviews, 10 industry disruptors and the directions to monitor according to The Future Laboratory’s analysts.

Prepare for 365 more days of innovation, regeneration and inspiration – let the Future Forecast 2023 help you to understand and maximise the sector opportunities that lie ahead.

You can purchase the collection on The Future Laboratory shop.

To future-proof your world, visit The Future Laboratory's forecasting platform LS:N Global for daily news, opinions, trends, sector specific insights, and strategic toolkits.


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