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For 2019, our Strategy Director will be touring Australia and Asia, offering companies and organisations the unique opportunity to experience The Future Laboratory's perceptive analysis of future trends, future markets and future consumers through the lens of their own business, consumers and strategic framework.

In-house presentations give us the opportunity to tailor our material to consider the individual challenges and opportunities a business faces,’ explains Barry Mowszowski. ‘Our knowledge of Australian businesses and the market also means that we can be both international in our perspective, and national in our outlook.’

For 2019/20 our expert team of researchers, analysts, strategists and editors have crafted a selection of forward-looking presentations designed to equip a business with the insights and strategic thinking required to answer the most compelling issues of the day, including the rise of AI and automation, economic migration, climate change, the squeeze on the middle market and the growing discomfort with last-century methodologies and processes in the 21st-century environment.

With a series of presentations covering topics such as retail, food and drink, the growing wellness market and luxury, this is a chance to have The Future Laboratory’s inspirational insights delivered directly to your teams.

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Choose from our new presentations:

: Food & Drink Futures

Fast-changing flavour profiles and constant new product launches make it harder than ever to discern fleeting fads from true mindset shifts. This in-house presentation will help identify the key trends that will take over the food and drink conversation in 2019 and beyond.

: Retail Futures

As convenience becomes paramount, brands will have to embrace or resist a world of Subconscious Commerce. This presentation will help businesses face the challenges of a post-shelf, post-packaging world and get closer to customers through unexpected retail opportunities.

: Luxury & Hospitality Futures

As overt materialism falls out of favour among a new generation of wealthy consumers, we explore new ways to create purpose-driven luxury for affluent consumers who are more socially aware than ever.

: Health & Wellness Futures

In the era of Peak Wellness, individuals are demanding that brands provide a clear and tangible path to health results. This presentation is your guide to cultivating an integrated health and wellness infrastructure that puts consumers in control of their own data.

: Future Forecast

This presentation examines how consumers’ uncertainty is manifesting and fuelling new behavioural patterns across Food, Drink, Beauty, Health & Wellness, Luxury, Fashion, Retail, Fintech, Travel and Youth. We showcase the essential trends that will shape the coming year and will help you cut through the noise and get a quick and clear understanding of how the key consumer shifts will affect your brand.

: Morality Recoded

Having promised liberation, the internet has emerged as a tool for manipulation and subjugation, helping to create a global empathy deficit. Standing on the cusp of new technological frontiers, we investigate how brands can become moral leaders in these times of turbulence, fostering a culture of ethical innovation and embedding new codes of conduct into emerging digital spaces.

: Post-growth Society

More than ever, growth in world economies takes place irrespective of individuals’ health, equality and happiness. But we are now moving towards an empathic, human-centric understanding of how the components of an advanced society are formed. We explore how to apply new metrics of growth to your business, looking towards markers of wellbeing, emotional fulfilment and social good.

: Subconscious Commerce

Today’s consumers demand levels of convenience so extreme that it is fast becoming difficult to distinguish between product discovery, purchase moment and private life. As brand touchpoints draw ever closer to people’s day-to-day experiences, we look at how businesses can renegotiate their customer relationships to take into account ever-greater degrees of intimacy, responsiveness and responsibility.

The above presentations can be tailored to suit your business needs, from training programmes to concept development workshops, external publicity launches and thought-leadership events.

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‘The Future Laboratory’s presentation did exactly what we wanted it to – offer a glimpse of even further ahead in a compelling and engaging way to prepare for what brands need next.’

Maya Draisin, associate publisher and head of marketing, Wired

Are you looking for a quick and compelling way to inspire your team? Perhaps you have an event that requires a thought-leading keynote. If so, our skilled analysts will bring the visually arresting briefings to life at a venue of your choice.

Our presentations draw on research from LS:N Global our trends intelligence platform, and connect business leaders with the latest trends, innovations and changes in consumer behaviour in a live environment. They are designed to inspire ideas and provide a practical guide to implementing strategies that help build a future that is fit for all. 

For more information, or to book a private briefing for your own business or event, please complete your details on the following contact form.

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Barry Mowszowski

Barry Mowszowski, Strategy Director Asia-Pacific, The Future Laboratory

Barry has worked with The Future Laboratory since 2015 to deliver strategic foresight to clients across Asia-Pacific as well as in global markets. He has worked with a range of clients and industries to use strategic trends to navigate category futures, and to drive commercial and cultural outcomes for business, government and cultural institutions. Barry is an experienced industry speaker and has presented at Apple, Creative Sydney, Westpac leadership forums and Vivid among others.


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